Delegated Staking
Ankr Validators

Stake with liquid staking pioneers

Ankr Labs has been the backbone of Ankr's Liquid Staking solutions providing consistently among the highest staking rewards in the industry. As a staking services provider, Ankr deploys and uses its own validators on different chains.

Experience high uptime and consistent rewards

We're offering a new exciting service — direct staking with Ankr's validators. Partner with a reliable validators on a number of different chains and experience 99.9% uptime. Ankr Labs' DevOps expertise ensures consistent rewards and low risks of a validator's downtime.

Enjoy simple and effective staking

Ankr Labs' experts have done all the work for you. Enjoy hassle-free staking through our seamless integration, just a few clicks away.

Gain yield and increase network security

Staking with a stable and highly reputatable provider is an attractive opportunity to gain additional yeild and help strenghten the security and throughput of your favorite chains we support.

About blockchain validators

On blockchain, validators play a critical role in the functioning of the network. They are responsible for verifying transactions on a blockchain and adding them to the ledger, the underlying database of a blockchain network. Validators ensure the integrity of the network by validating transactions, controlling that they follow the rules and protocols of the network, and preventing fraudulent transactions.

If you want to know more about validators, read this edutional article by Binance (opens in a new tab).