Ankr Verify

Ankr Verify

Ankr Verify (opens in a new tab) is an identity verification solution for Web3 that upgrades the convenience of Single Sign-On to the blockchain level. It works on all chains and is a new standard of experience for Web3 users.

Unlike traditional KYC methods, Ankr Verify allows blockchains and Web3 apps to verify customer data and satisfy regulations without access to sensitive user data thanks to zero-knowledge cryptography.

Who is it for?

Ankr Verify is for both sides: regular Web3 users and enterprise.

As a regular Web3 user, you will enjoy:

  • One place to verify personal credentials.
  • Safe and easy access to all chains and dApps.
  • Private experiences on Web3 applications.
  • Fast onboarding and account creation across apps.

As an enterprise, you will enjoy:

  • Trustless, zero-knowledge user verification.
  • Seamless integrations for EVM and non-EVM chains.
  • Flexible permissions for every ecosystem dApp.
  • KYC requirements satisfied for any jurisdiction.

And now in more detail!

As a regular user, you more and more need to comply with the policies of many different Web3 services.
Ankr Verify partners with a leading KYC provider that checks your personal data.
You create a digital ID that contains not your actual personal data, but claims that were generated upon the KYC process. Whenever a Web3 services requires you to comply with their policies, you can use your claims to prove you are eligible to use the service.

As an enterprise, you need to comply with the laws of different jurisdictions.
Ankr Verify lets you integrate your Web3 service to create and manage policies for the users to comply with. Whenever a new user signs up and tries your service, they will be asked to provide claims that they comply with your policies and are eligible to use it.

How does it work?

To simplify and repeat, Ankr Verify works this way:

  1. A user creates a digital ID and submits their credentials.
  2. Synaps, Ankr's KYC partner, verifies them and stores them in a secure vault.
  3. Ankr Verify generates claims, corresponding the user's credentials, and binds them to the digital ID.
  4. A Web3 service asks if the user meets a certain requirement via ZK proofs.
  5. Relying on the corresponding claim, Ankr Verify sends a "yes/no" answer. No sensitive data is ever sent in this process.
How Ankr Verify works
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If you're looking for more low-level technical details, refer to the Ankr Verify development details.

What are ZK proofs?

To understand more about zero-knowledge cryptography and ZK proofs, read ZK Proofs (opens in a new tab) or ZK Proof Impact (opens in a new tab).

What data protection regulation is applied?

Ankr Verify has partnered with Synaps, a leading KYC provider, and relies on it for personal data collection, processing, management, and storage. Synaps is a leading KYC provider that follows GDPR standards (opens in a new tab), the toughest privacy and security law in the world, ensuring user private data is handled responsibly.

Use cases

Ankr Verify is very useful for:

  • Preventing money laundering and illicit activities.
  • Allowing streamlined customer assessment and verification to ensure against fraud risk.
  • Minimizing financial risk in areas like tax evasion.
  • Complying with local, national, and industry-specific regulations.
  • Providing citizens with modern, safe, and secure way to upload and share private information.
  • Collaborating with other government entities to improve and benefit from interoperability.