Blockchain Node Snapshots

Blockchain Node Snapshots

Ankr has partnered with Storj (opens in a new tab) to provide the community with easy access to the blockchain state snapshots used in nodes syncing by our Infrastructure engineering teams.

Chains supported:

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • BNB Smart Chain

Find the full list of available snapshots here (opens in a new tab).

Snapshot download


  • Uplink CLI (for downloading from Storj)
  • Tar (for inline decompression)

Download and install Uplink:

curl -L -o
unzip -o
sudo install uplink /usr/local/bin/uplink

Download a chain snapshot:

  1. At (opens in a new tab), scroll down to the Available Snapshots list.
    From here, there are two flows currently at work:
    • Buy Now — click to proceed to payment that ends up by receiving an access token from Storj.
    • Request Download — click to submit a request filling in your email that will be used to send you the payment link.
Available snapshots
  1. Pay through the Storj portal to receive the access token required to download a snapshot.
  1. Use the inline multithread download that unTARs to your target directory (does not require double the hard drive space):
uplink cp --parallelism 16 --access '<PROVIDED_ACCESS_GRANT>' sj://chains/snapshot.tar.zst - | tar -xv --use-compress-program=zstd -C ~/chain/data