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Ankr Advanced APIs

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Save time and money with Ankr’s fast & efficient Advanced APIs for NFT, Query & Token

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Powerful APIs

Built by Devs, for Devs

Ankr’s Advanced API service is a collection of RPC methods that were created to simplify querying blockchain data of all types. Advanced APIs help you build on Web3 in the most efficient way possible.

  • wireless

    Make fewer requests

  • arrows

    Spend less per request

  • shield

    Query multiple chains at once

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Query the NFT ownership and metadata across six EVM compatible chains. Perfect for virtual worlds, games, galleries, marketplaces, and more.

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Query API

Ankr’s efficient indexing service lets you search a range of blocks for an address or an event, getting nearly instant results without manually searching.

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Token API

Query account balances, which currencies exist on a blockchain, how many token holders a currency has, and token prices — all fueled directly by on-chain data.

Token API Docs

Advanced APIs SDK

Start Building

If you’re ready to power your dApps with the most efficient developer tools available, download the Advanced API SDK today. A compact SDK for interacting with Ankr’s Advanced APIs, this is a javascript library that wraps all these API endpoints into easy-to-use JS code.

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