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Integrating with Ankr Verify
Integrate with Ankr Verify

Integrate with Ankr Verify as a Vendor

We welcome you to integrate with Ankr Verify for fast and convenient policy compliance on your Web3 service.

As a vendor, you may have legal reasons to want your users to verify they are eligible to access your service.

You can use our platform to create policies and ask your users to verify and comply with them to gain access.

Want to become a vendor?
Visit our vendor page (opens in a new tab) and hit the Talk to an Expert button.

Integrate with Ankr Verify

The integration process is pretty straightforward. It consists of 4 steps and requires your frontend team manhours at Step 3 and your backend team manhours at Step 4.

To integrate with the Ankr Verify as a vendor:

  1. Provide a wallet address — provide a wallet address that you will use for vendor account management.
    We need to associate this address with you as a vendor to give you access to the vendor dashboard at Ankr Verify.
    We suggest you decide on an address and send it to us via the Ankr Verify channel on Telegram you have been using to reach us.
  2. Create a policy — once we have associated the address, you may start creating policies for your users to comply with. Learn how to create a policy.
  3. Integrate Ankr Verify widget — once you have created enough policies, contact us for the details on how to integrate the Ankr Verify widget into the user-facing part of your Web3 service.
    We suggest you contact us the Ankr Verify channel on Telegram you have been using to reach us.
  4. Implement user compliance check-up — implement a check-up mechanism to know if a specific user has verified and complied with a specific policy you created.
    To do this, integrate with our on-chain smart contract. Learn how to integrate with our contract.