Ankr Verify
Getting Started
Create a Policy as a Vendor

Create a policy as a vendor

As a vendor, you can create different policies for the users of your Web3 app to comply with.

  1. Visit your Ankr Verify vendor account (opens in a new tab).
  2. Click Connect MetaMask and proceed to connect the address that has been approved by Ankr as a vendor address. Click Connect MetaMask
  3. Click Add Policy. Click Add Policy
  4. Set a Policy Name to recognize it later. The set the Attribute type to check, a Condition, and the attribute's Value. And write a telling Requirement Description to show to your users. To add more than one requirement to the policy, click Add Entry Requirement and repeat the process. When done, click Add Policy. Set up your policy
  5. If you wish to customize your policy a bit more, click No, check again. If you are ready to add the policy, click Yes, add policy. Click Yes to finish adding or No to return to editing
  6. On the success page, click View all policies to return to the policy list. Click View all policies
  7. Now you can see the policies users of your Web3 app need to comply with. List of added policies

The policy management feature is coming in our future releases.