Ankr Verify
Getting Started
Create and Manage a Digital ID

Create and manage digital ID

With Ankr Verify you will avoid the vulnerabilities of providing your sensitive password, credit card, ID, and other personal data to every Web3 app that asks for it.

As a regular Web3 user, you can create a digital identity and use it to meet the requirements of blockchains and dApps without ever showing your information thanks to zero-knowledge cryptography.

Create a new digital identity

To create a new digital identity:

  1. Visit the consumer side of Ankr Verify (opens in a new tab).
  2. Click Create Digital Identity to be transferred to Synaps, the partering KYC provider for Ankr Verify. Synaps is a leading KYC provider that complies with the GRPR standard of data protection. Click Create Digital Identity
  3. Click Connect my wallet. Click Connect my wallet
  4. Choose MetaMask and proceed to connect your wallet. You will be asked to sign to accept the terms & conditions of the service. Choose MetaMask
  5. When signed, click Start verification to proceed to Synaps's KYC. Synaps will ask for a face scan and your official ID document. Click Start Verification
  6. Wait for the KYC process to complete. It may take a while.
  7. When KYC results are ready, you will see a list of your digital identity attributes at the digital identity (opens in a new tab) tab of your Ankr Verify account. We call them "claims", and you can use them to prove you meet the requirements of different Web3 apps. List of Attributes

Add a new attribute

While the list of supported attributes is growing, currently, we support the 4 base attributes:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Age
  • Residency

They are generated once you have created a digital ID and passed the Synaps's KYC.
This section will update with instructions once we extend the list of supported attributes.