AnkrBNB Will be Added to opBNB-Chain

Tiago Pratas

Tiago Pratas

December 28, 2023

3 min read

In Brief


    Ankr is thrilled to announce the integration of ankrBNB on the opBNB, Binance Smart-chain Layer 2 solution. Looking at the improvements that this scalability layer will bring to the network, we have a very positive feeling about its adoption, thus we want to position ourselves as pioneers in offering our services there.

    opBNB: The Layer 2 Solution for Binance Smart Chain

    We are thrilled to announce that ankrBNB will be integrated into the opBNB chain. The recently launched BNB-chain Layer 2 solution leverages the OP Stack framework to enhance throughput and minimize gas fees for users.

    Layer 1 solutions like BNB-chain or Ethereum, are not suited for large-scale web3 applications like games, social networks, metaverses, or high-frequency trading platforms. During peak periods, a single application with 1 million daily active users could generate thousands of BNB in gas fees, which results in significant cost barriers for users.

    Solutions like opBNB, a Layer 2 chain, address these challenges by delegating transaction processing and resource consumption to the second layer. This approach maintains the integrity and security of data on the primary blockchain, in this case, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Consequently, applications enjoy substantial improvements in throughput while preserving key features such as decentralization and composability.

    opBNB is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the performance, scalability, and efficiency of BSC. It stands out with its capability to process transactions while significantly reducing transaction costs. Furthermore, it is aligned with BSC parameters, which facilitates quicker transaction processing.

    Equipped with a robust security system, opBNB offers higher flexibility and interoperability by leveraging the OP Stack foundation, which enables interaction with other platforms like Optimism that support EVM and solidity, thus fostering an open and collaborative ecosystem.

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    AnkrBNB Integration in opBNB

    AnkrBNB integration into the opBNB chain is part of Ankr's strategic roadmap to expand its market presence and offer its services wherever the users are. With this integration, Ankr will enable its users to bridge ankrBNB to opBNB and vice-versa, improving the user experience and reducing liquidity barriers associated with moving between chains. Users will be able to liquid-stake BNB directly on the opBNB chain, and also leverage the Flash Unstake feature that allows them to instantly unstake.

    The new Layer 2 chain will bring noteworthy improvements to the BSC chain, thus we expect it to gain momentum and start attracting more users during the coming months. Given the already significant DeFi ecosystem of the original chain, Ankr anticipates a gradual shift towards this solution, since it will provide a better user experience and better conditions for the protocol’s expansion.

    By integrating ankrBNB into the opBNB ecosystem we expect to also become pioneers in this network, enabling its users to accrue staking rewards while remaining liquid to participate in any other DeFi activities.

    Furthermore, we expect to leverage the new layer 2 awareness to boost Ankr's market presence. By offering liquid staking services directly on the scalability layer, we are getting closer to Ankr’s end user, and are also improving its journey by reducing the number of steps he would have to be able to liquid stake.