Ankr’s Enterprise RPC and AppChain Solutions Now Available On Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Ankr Team

Ankr Team

June 8, 2023

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In February of this year, Ankr and Microsoft announced our partnership to offer Enterprise RPC services on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace. After integration and testing, we’ve now launched the service that provides a readily accessible gateway to blockchain infrastructure for Azure’s millions of monthly customers. While some companies are ready to sign up for the anticipated RPC service at launch, others will be excited to discover an additional new Ankr service available on Azure that we haven’t announced until now – a solution offering the ability for any enterprise to launch a dedicated blockchain.

See our product listings on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace:

Enterprise RPC & Dedicated Blockchains For Azure Customers

While Ankr’s Enterprise RPC Service offers global, low-latency blockchain connections, Ankr’s partnership with Microsoft will now also provide access to the AppChains product. Ankr AppChains is a solution that gives enterprises the opportunity to quickly launch their own dedicated and fully customizable blockchain to power their Web3 strategies. The service is also offered on Azure Marketplace alongside the Enterprise RPC solution, with the first iteration enabling enterprises to deploy their own Polygon Supernets, and the choice of many more ecosystems on the way.

"We are excited to partner with Ankr to bring enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure to Azure Marketplace. Through this partnership, we are abstracting away what is often an impediment to testing, deploying, and scaling Web3 projects seamlessly. We look forward to helping enterprise customers and developers meet their evolving infrastructure and tooling needs in Web3.”

-- Daniel An, Director of Business Development, Microsoft Web3 & AI

Our collaboration with the Microsoft team to launch the Enterprise RPC service was highly rewarding. Together, we ensured exceptional user-friendliness and performance. Now live on Azure, we anticipate a surge in clients and are preparing our resources accordingly. With Microsoft's guidance, we will continue to innovate and improve based on user feedback and performance metrics. This partnership has been remarkable, and we are excited for the future of our Enterprise RPC service.”

-- Peter Stewart, Head of Infrastructure, Ankr

“As the Ankr AppChains product finds a fit with large organizations, Ankr and Microsoft are joining forces to evolve our AppChain offering into an ‘Enterprise Chain’ solution.” As we provide complete engineering, infrastructure, and go-to-market services, Ankr eliminates the barriers to entry for large businesses entering the Web3 space. With AppChains on Azure, launching an enterprise-level chain will soon be the fastest, most convenient and advantageous method for businesses to make the vertical jump to Web3 and capture new audiences while pleasing existing customers.”

-- Kev Silk, Product Manager, Ankr AppChains

Launching A Dedicated Blockchain Made Easy

Ankr’s AppChains product has already been available for a year, allowing Web3 organizations to launch scalable application-specific blockchains to power their decentralized apps or projects in a highly automated process. However, the popularity of AppChains with traditional enterprises has made them an attractive choice for launching a variety of solutions that pertain to institutional clients, banking, CBDCs, gaming, and much more. Often, traditional firms look to trusted outlets to discover new technology. Making the AppChain solution available on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace provides an easy path for businesses to find a vetted solution and go to market with use cases like the above.

Ankr’s AppChains remove some of the largest roadblocks companies face when deciding to launch a Web3 initiative: scalability, user experience, and cost of acquiring new Web3 engineering talent. AppChains ensure fast and affordable transactions, seamless user experiences, regulatory compliance, and end-to-end engineering from Ankr’s proven engineering team. Benefits like these help to ensure a smooth and simplified transition to Web3 for companies who have been waiting to become involved in the digital asset space for some time.

The AppChain solution on the Azure Marketplace will allow customers to choose custom specifications for their blockchain as well as their Web3 application at every level. With a base level of infrastructure, including validator nodes, RPC nodes, testnet faucet, block explorer, as well as additional indexer nodes, Advanced APIs, and bridges, companies can design and complete their Enterprise Blockchain quickly. With an assortment of additional features, they can launch their application or use case on top of it with the highest level of Web3 user experience. Features such as in-app wallets, fiat on/offramps, and bridge solutions create an extremely easy experience for users so enterprises can open the gates to all customers, even those unfamiliar with Web3 processes.

Final Thoughts

At Ankr, we are dedicated to delivering leading-edge technology that helps our customers stay ahead in a rapidly changing industry so they can create experiences that amaze their users. With the ability to quickly deploy their own node infrastructure and dedicated AppChains, enterprises will be able to make a seamless entry to Web3. With the ability to offer their customers the benefits of blockchain tech with the power to relieve scalability and user experience concerns, businesses can pave the way for steady mass adoption.

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