AnkrETH on EigenLayer: A New Era for Liquid Staking Tokens

Tiago Pratas

Tiago Pratas

December 12, 2023

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December 18th marks a pivotal day for ankrETH users, as they gain the opportunity to restake their tokens within the EigenLayer framework. Restaking caps for Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) will also be expanded to 500k, thus enabling the restake of the newly integrated LSTs, where ankrETH is included.


  • On the 18th of December, ankrETH users will be able to restake their tokens with EigenLayer.
  • LST restaking caps will be increased to 500k allowing new integrated LSTs to bring liquidity to the middleware framework.
  • Ankr urges its users to be ready on the 18th of December so they can leverage this capped opportunity.

AnkrETH's Integration into the EigenLayer Ecosystem

Ankr is thrilled to finally see the opportunity to become an integral member of the EigenLayer framework coming to life. After being one of the most-voted protocols to be integrated into the new Ethereum middleware, back in November, we are now getting closer to the day that ankrETH users will be able to restake our LST with the middleware and unlock a second layer of yield for their tokens.

EigenLayer, a middleware protocol built atop Ethereum, introduces the concept of 'restaking’, which will enable the reuse of staked ETH or LSTs like ankrETH to secure a set of smart contracts that will expand Ethereum’s trust network.

From Ankr's perspective, the integration into this ecosystem is a major opportunity to expand our services within Ethereum's DeFi services, enabling Ankr users to leverage one of the leading frameworks currently being developed within Ethereum.

As it was previously noted, Ankr will have a dual role in this ecosystem, acting both as an operator and an integrated LST. Leveraging this dual role, Ankr will be able to provide restaking services for its users, as well as create another use case for our liquid-staked token.


LST contest Winners. Source: EigenLayer Blog

ankrETH Integration within the EigenLayer ecosystem

The integration of ankrETH as a collateral asset on EigenLayer brings several advantages to Ankr users. This move will extend the utility of ankrETH tokens, allowing our liquid stakers to leverage from a second layer of yield while also becoming an integral part of the blockchain expansion. Thus, we forecast a demand increase for our liquid staking solution.

According to EigenLayer’s recent announcement, ankrETH holders will be able to restake their LSTs from the 18th of December, at 10 am Pacific Time (PT). With the integration of the new tokens, the LSTs' restake cap will also increase to 500k, allowing the restake of any of the newly integrated LSTs, where ankrETH is included.

Ankr is anticipating a surge in its LST adoption and an expansion in the scope of investment strategies for Ankr users. This collaboration will enrich our DeFi compound opportunities, providing another solution and opening doors to new possibilities in Ethereum's network development.

Final remarks

Aligning with Ankr’s ethos, this new integration will create yet another use case for the ankrETH token. “We are very satisfied to have ankrETH to be part of Eigen Layer. This will further create amazing use cases for Liquid Staking while further help securing the Ethereum Network and all the applications build on top of Eigen Layer. The potential is huge and Ankr is proud to continue to be a core web3 infra provider in the space. ” states Tiago Pratas, Ankr DeFi lead.

As we prepare to embrace EigenLayer restaking opportunities on December 18th, we would like to encourage our current user base to liquid stake with our platform and urge you to be ready to seize the opportunity to be part of this development in Ethereum's decentralized trust marketplace.

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