Introducing Ultra Sound Infrastructure: Revolutionizing Web3 Connectivity & Performance

Kev Silk

Kev Silk

July 25, 2023

5 min read

In Brief

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    The Web3 industry is constantly evolving, which is why blockchain infrastructure providers must stay ahead of the curve for enterprises and developers. We at Ankr are proud to introduce our latest innovation, Ultra-Sound Infrastructure. The initiative will soon launch a Node Partner Program to improve performance and efficiency for blockchain RPC connections across 30+ blockchain ecosystems. The program will see Ankr’s existing cloud provider partnerships beginning with Microsoft and Tencent Cloud, joining the network to offer our users the highest-quality and most distributed node network ever created.

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    Providing World Class Node Quality and Worldwide Distribution

    Web3 needs infrastructure providers to offer connections for dApps, developers, and enterprises to communicate with different blockchains. Whenever a Web3 application needs to initiate a transaction, check a wallet balance, or perform any smart contract execution, it must make an RPC “request” to blockchain nodes to complete the desired action. Ankr will drastically improve its core RPC service by onboarding our cloud providers partners like Microsoft and Tencent Cloud as the first to join Ankr’s nodes in serving request traffic for the strongest and most widespread RPC node network.

    Unlike other node partner programs, Ultra-Sound Infrastructure will deliver the highest performance possible by only deploying archive nodes. These nodes are specifically designed to handle high traffic volumes and ensure our customers can access the fastest and most reliable infrastructure possible. By utilizing archive nodes, we can provide the highest level of performance without sacrificing security or stability.

    At Ankr, we care deeply about our developer customers. We know how important it is for them to leverage the most quality performing nodes to build their applications so they can power superior end-user experiences. We kept our customers in mind as we built out this program to ensure that those leveraging the external nodes within the Ultra-Sound Infrastructure network benefit from the archive nodes' increased performance, reliability, and efficiency.

    With this improved infrastructure, developers and enterprises can build complex and resource-intensive applications without worrying about slow or unstable network connections. By utilizing the archive nodes, developers can also ensure that their applications are accessible to a broader audience, as the nodes will be distributed across multiple regions. Additionally, Ankr's focus on creating a sustainable and efficient network means that developers can have confidence in the long-term viability of their applications.

    Ankr’s RPC Service Customers Receive Amplified Performance:

    • Reach more available nodes to serve RPC traffic
    • Take advantage of high-performance archive nodes
    • Node Partners will fill more geographic gaps in node resources
    • Get the best of speed, reliability, and efficiency

    An Optimized Infrastructure Solution for Web3 Ecosystems

    As both the creator of Ultra-Sound Infrastructure and a node operator, Ankr is aligning the interests of the Web3 community for node partners, developers, and end users. Joining the Ultra-Sound Infrastructure network as a node partner offers numerous benefits. By participating in the program, future node providers can earn a steady revenue stream by servicing paid traffic from Ankr’s RPC customers.

    • Node Provider Partners: Ultra-Sound Infrastructure’s partner nodes combined with Ankr’s nodes offer the strongest foundation for the industry while benefiting from every request their nodes serve. The network will incentivize future node partners aside from Microsoft and Tencent Cloud to join by providing payment primarily in the ANKR token. By servicing RPC traffic within the network, future node partners will earn ANKR tokens as reward for serving all requests. Node Partners will also be able to choose the most profitable regions to place their nodes based on demand, ensuring they see an ROI on their node expenses. This way, they can maximize their profits while contributing to the distribution of Ankr’s network.

    • Developers & Enterprises: Developers from Web3 startups and enterprises launching new Web3 strategies receive high-performance archive nodes delivering lower latency and the highest reliability to power their applications.

    • Web3 End Users: All end users of the enterprise solutions and applications leveraging Ultra-Sound Infrastructure will receive the fastest, highest quality user experience possible.

    By allowing node providers to choose where to place their nodes, the Ankr Network is creating a mutually beneficial relationship. Node providers can earn more rewards and increase their profitability, while Ankr's customers can benefit from having access to a more distributed and reliable infrastructure network. This approach promotes a win-win situation where both parties can benefit from working together towards a common goal – to create the highest quality and most distributed blockchain infrastructure network for all of Web3.

    Advancing ANKR Token Utility and Tokenomics

    The ANKR token plays a significant role in the Ultra-Sound Infra program, adding new layers of utility for the token.

    New Utility for ANKR: The ANKR token’s utility as a payment for RPC customers to access blockchain data will be expanded to provide payment to our new node operator partners. The ANKR token will effectively become the only gateway token for accessing the highest tier of infrastructure: archive nodes on Ultra-Sound Infrastructure.

    A Critical Component of Web3 Access: As the ANKR token’s new attributes make it a necessity for accessing Ultra-Sound Infrastructure, the token will claim a critical role in facilitating Web3 operations for enterprises, dApps, and developers.

    The ANKR token Receives Revamped Utility:

    • ANKR completes the final step in becoming a “gas” payment for multi-chain infrastructure
    • Provides an essential gateway to Web3’s highest-quality infrastructure

    Final Thoughts

    The introduction of Ankr's Ultra-Sound Infrastructure program represents a significant step forward in the evolution of the blockchain industry. The program presents a win-win-win scenario for Ankr’s community of developers, node providers, and ANKR token users. Web3, by nature, is a collaborative industry, and Ankr strives to provide the highest-performance RPC service by bringing together a broader range of node providers with a common goal.

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