In the spirit of Valentine's Day Ankr is giving

100b Free API credits
to all DEV DAO members

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As a DEV DAO member

ANKR is giving you.
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RPC for up to 30 blockchains

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Up to 1.5k request/sec
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WSS connections
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Batch calls
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Archive requests

In cases of peak load and high usage some restrictions may be applied.

We build with builders in mind.

This is why we strive to be the best web3 connection in the universe. Our Web3 API service is:


Developer first, pay as you go pricing , as much as 50% savings compared to competitors.


Ankr’s nodes serve requests at high speeds with low latency from independent servers worldwide.


Nodes maintain a high standard of uptime — 99.8%. 2B requests per month with 40K developers.

Globally Distributed

Ankr has nodes in 30+ regions , meaning there are low latency connections wherever you or your users are.

globally distributed
More Decentralized

Ankr Network is decentralizing the RPC Service by onboarding more independent node providers for a collaborative effort in serving RPC traffic.

more decentralized

Connecting to decentralized infrastructure means your app is more resistant to the limitations of geographic restrictions or centralized outages.


Consensus mechanism ensures days won’t be compromised so your project stays up and safe.

> To the builders,
> Thanks for being the ones who take an idea, a dream, and turn it into something tangible, something that can change people's lives. Thanks for being the ones who build the future, brick by brick, day by day.
> The world is full of naysayers, people who tell you that your ideas are impossible and that your dreams are too big. But you, builders, don't let that stop you. You know that with enough determination and hard work, anything is possible. And that's what makes you truly special.
> We have seen you create the infrastructure with us that connects users and the technology that advances the ecosystem. You are the ones who turn the impossible into possible, who turn vision into reality.
> Keep building, keep dreaming, and keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible.
> We, at Ankr, are here to support you! Here's a valentine's gift to y'all period
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With Love, Ankr.
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