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Stake MATIC Today and:

Staking Redefined
and Upgraded

Receive liquidity for your staked assets by getting aMAITCc or aMATICb liquid staking tokens.

Sit Back, Relax,
and Earn

Let your MATIC work for you by earning yield on staked assets.

Immediate Access
to Liquidity

Use your staked tokens elsewhere across the DeFi ecosystem.

Unlock Staked

Stake MATIC for rewards and still have access to your assets with a liquid staking token from Ankr.

without hassle

No need to find trustworthy validators to delegate to - Ankr handles that for you.

How to Liquid Stake MATIC?

  1. 1

    Click “Stake Now” and reach MATIC staking flow.

  2. 2

    Enter the amount of MATIC you want to stake and choose which liquid token you want to receive in return.

    This represents your staked assets same as accumulated rewards and make your staking liquid!

    Ankr reward-earning b-token icon - aMATICb


    The quantity of these tokens grows daily to represent staking rewards. Then you can redeem it 1 aMATICb to 1 MATIC

    Ankr reward-bearing c-token - aMATICc


    The quantity of these tokens will be stable, but their redemption ratio grows daily.
    Now is 1 aMATICc = 1.1 MATIC

    You can always change between them using Ankr Switch

  3. 3

    Confirm the transaction and Voila, you just started to earn MATIC staking rewards!

    You can check your staking exposure and earned rewards on the Dashboard

What can I do with my staked MATIC?

The aMATICb or aMATICc tokens you receive are fully functional.

Trade your liquid staked MATIC at any time on supported DEXs.

Hold and watch the Ankr dashboard to see how much profit you’ve accumulated.

Participate in DeFi strategies like liquidity mining, yield farming, and vaults.

ANKR Polygon liquid staking DeFI integrations.

Curve finance logo

Liquidity Pool

Quickswap logo

Liquidity Pool

Dystopia Exchange logo

Liquidity Pool

Uniswap logo

Liquidity Pool

Ankr Polygon liquid staking DeFi integrations on BNB Chain.

Ankr Bridge allows you transfer aMATICb and aMATICc to BNB Chain and vice versa.
This enables a crosschain DeFi experience for your staked MATIC.

ACryptoS logo

Liquidity Pool, Vault

Ellipsis finance logo

Liquidity Pool, Farming