Your Single, Secure Passport To Web3

Transition from multiple insecure logins to one resilient, private digital identity for the Web3 world.

Single Sign-On Convenience Upgraded for Blockchain

Avoid the vulnerabilities of providing your sensitive password, credit card, ID, and other personal data to every Web3 app that asks for it. Ankr Verify lets you meet the requirements of blockchains and dApps without ever showing your information thanks to zero-knowledge cryptography.

Web2 Flaws

Fragmented Identities

Multiple logins and passwords across services, each storing varying degrees of your personal information.

Outmoded KYC Protocols

Financial services employ antiquated KYC protocols, often inconsistently applied.

Exposure of Personal Data

Companies store your data, sometimes insecurely, making it vulnerable to breaches.

Limited Autonomy Over Personal Info

You have little control over how or where your information is shared.

Ankr Verify Solutions

One Secure Digital Identity

Use a single Ankr Verify identity across the digital universe, minimizing exposure points.

Modernized, Uniform Security

Blockchain-backed identity that supersedes the limitations of traditional KYC.

No Storage of Your Personal Data

In partnership with Synaps, we handle your data without storing it, adhering to strict GDPR guidelines.

Full Control, Full Privacy

Fine-tune your identity's settings at will. Control what's seen and what's shared.

Why Ankr Verify?
Designed with your data in mind


GDPR-Compliant Trust

Ankr has partnered with Synaps, an established KYC provider following GDPR standards, ensuring your private data is handled responsibly.


Zero Data

Your personal information is housed safely, securely, and compliantly managed by Synaps.


Familiar Security, Enhanced Privacy

Enjoy the highest security levels you've relied upon in the Web2 world, but with the added benefits of blockchain technology—full control and enhanced privacy.


Synaps and Ankr Partnership

Your personal information is our highest priority. We've partnered with Synaps, a leading KYC provider, to handle your data under the strict compliance of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

An Easier Web3 Experience for All


One-Time Secure Verification

Visit Synaps to undergo a secure, one-time verification process.


Connect to Ankr Verify

Sync your verified Synaps identity with your Ankr Verify account.


Unlock the Web3 Universe

Start using your unified Ankr Verify identity across multiple services. No more juggling multiple accounts, passwords, or risk points.


Ready for a Safer,
Smoother Web Experience?

Adopt a single, secure, and GDPR-compliant digital identity with Ankr Verify and Synaps.

Manage Claims

How Ankr Verify Works Under the Hood

Navigating the complexities of digital identity can be daunting, but Ankr Verify simplifies the process while ensuring the security of your personal data.

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Initiate a Credential Request

Select attributes to prove about yourself—your age, nationality, income, or anything else.

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Synaps will verify your credentials while storing your data in a secure vault.

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Credential Check via
ZK Proof

Blockchains or dApps ask Synaps if you meet their credential requirements via ZK proof and only receive yes/no answers, never your sensitive data.

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Upon successful verification, Ankr Verify issues a cryptographic claim, essentially a secure 'stamp of approval, which is sent back to you.

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Blockchain and
DApp Entry

You’ve now proven your information and can access any dApp or network with those requirements.

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Absolute Data

Be at ease with the knowledge that Ankr Verify, blockchains, and dApps can never view or store your personal information.