Ankr Leading the Way With Aptos RPC Service

Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer

October 28, 2022

3 min read

Start using the Aptos Testnet with Ankr’s new RPC — now live!


Ankr is introducing yet another RPC service for the new blockchain Aptos, becoming one of the first major infrastructure providers to do so. Aptos is the much-anticipated network that will bring new tech and scalability benefits to Web3 as devs building on their testnet have already witnessed pushing TPS of 160,000 thanks to promising upgrades like their parallel execution engine, Block-STM.

Great news for developers looking to get the jump on building on top of Aptos for safe, scalable, and upgradable dApps! You can now access Aptos Testnet Community and Premium RPCs, make request calls, and receive information returns that mirror the results you would get by running an Aptos full node yourself.

Once the Aptos mainnet is released, Ankr will add support for it with additional docs, features, and tools to help streamline building for our Web3 dev community.

What is the Aptos Blockchain?

Aptos is a layer-1 chain developed by former Meta team members who had developed the Diem project before it was halted. Aptos’s novel technology upgrades and the team’s pedigree have landed it substantial funding already secured from companies like Coinbase, a16z, and FTX, along with much hype from the Web3 builder community.

The Aptos whitepaper cites several important benefits for Web3 development, such as:

Using the Move language for fast and secure transaction execution. Enabling flexible key management and hybrid custodial options. Creating a modular approach to transaction processing for low latency and high throughput. Validator state sharding to scale throughput without adding complexity. Modular architecture design supports client flexibility and is optimized for frequent and instant upgrades.

Learn more about Aptos.

What Is Ankr’s New Aptos RPC?


  • Ankr’s Aptos Testnet RPC (Remote Procedure Call) connects your wallet, command-line interface, or dApp with the Aptos blockchain. It acts as a messenger or blockchain router that relays on-chain information between Aptos nodes, dApps, and end-users so they can execute necessary transactions, populates wallet balances, fetches ownership information, and more.
  • Aptos RPC endpoints are a gateway for developers to interface directly with the Aptos chain — a portal to communicate easily, remotely, and with no need to go through the DevOps of establishing their own Aptos nodes.
  • Ankr is providing a geo-distributed Aptos RPC comprised of blockchain nodes running worldwide for incredibly low-latency and reliable connections. aptos_testnet_112c205e50.png

Get started now with our free Aptos RPC.

How Do the Aptos RPCs Help Developers?

Building with Aptos is an excellent choice to create scalable dApps but requires access to the information on Aptos nodes to do so. Therefore, Ankr’s RPC solves the following developer troubles:

Eliminates complex node ops — The Ankr public RPC will completely remove the need for many developers to set up their own Aptos node, removing hours of time spent building, calibrating, and fixing node issues.

Grants access to advanced tools — Ankr’s Premium RPC Service instantly grants access to the best tools to build applications quickly, including:

  • Unlimited Aptos requests
  • Global node distribution
  • Dedicated Aptos endpoints
  • Prioritized traffic
  • Advanced Developer APIs
  • WebSockets (WS) capabilities

Powers apps and open-source software that need access to Aptos — Connect with a cluster of high-performance nodes that holds the information you need to build and operate dApps on Aptos.

Supports the Aptos network - Ankr will strengthen the Aptos network globally by offering easier development and a broader, decentralized node infrastructure. Ankr will incentivize independent and enterprise node operators to add their nodes to the load balancer in return for ANKR tokens, thus adding many additional Aptos nodes to continue to strengthen the network.

How to Make Your First Call to Aptos

Get started today, and head to Ankr’s RPC Service to make your first call! You can use the endpoint to call the Aptos chain using the standard EVM JSON RPC methods.