Ankr Verify Product Launched To Provide Blockchains With Readymade User ID Solution

Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer

December 12, 2023

3 min read

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We are thrilled to announce the release of our newest product, “Ankr Verify,” which offers any blockchain or decentralized application the ability to define requirements for entry or use thanks to zero-knowledge user identity verification. The product has launched with clients Eclipse and Mina Protocol, already using the technology to advance user experience and compliance for Web3 apps deployed to their networks. As a tool for Web3 user authentication, Ankr Verify will be important for enterprise compliance when rolling out blockchain initiatives, as it allows organizations to meet the KYC requirements of their country or jurisdiction without sacrificing user privacy.

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How Does Ankr Verify Work?

Unlike traditional KYC methods, Ankr Verify allows blockchains and Web3 apps to verify customer data and satisfy regulations without access to sensitive user data – made possible by zero-knowledge cryptography. Users will access Ankr Verify to prove attributes about their identity by providing proof to Ankr’s KYC partner, Synaps. Synaps will be the only party to ever see, verify, or hold user data as a trusted and regulated KYC company – Ankr, nor any other company, protocol, or app will have access. From there, blockchains and web3 applications will be able to verify that a user meets requirements such as citizenship by only receiving “yes/no” answers, without needing them to upload an ID or disclose all of the sensitive information that comes along with it.

How Does Ankr Verify Benefit Protocols and dApps?

Ankr Verify provides seamless identity verification for every blockchain or Web3 application,  enabling them to enhance user experiences and attract enterprise development. Ankr Verify creates the ultimate builder environment for businesses and developers with:

  • Streamlined Compliance: Meet country and industry-specific regulations and allow enterprises to build stress-free.
  • Enhanced User Experiences: Provide one place for users to verify personal credentials to access Web3 networks and apps safely.
  • Robust Security: Rely on the strength of IPFS storage and meticulously crafted smart contracts to safeguard against data breaches.
  • Customizable Claims: Seamlessly set, enforce, and validate policy restrictions to boost security and refine user-access control.
  • Automatic Updates: Always remain up-to-date with the latest identity verifications to streamline operations.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and strengthen your reputation among users.
  • Future-Proofed Interoperability: Ensure your network is always equipped with upgraded tech and interoperability.
  • Cost-Efficient Scalability: Leverage efficient node infrastructure for identity validation and achieve significant cost savings.

A Word From Ankr Verify’s Product Manager

“Ankr Verify is not only a useful tool for businesses and blockchain foundations to place permissions on their networks and applications. Rather, it’s a new standard for easy Web3 user identification similar to what single sign-on did for the web. With a single, secure passport to Web3, users can access decentralized experiences without the headache of continuously uploading documents with their vulnerable personal data.”

– Kev Silk, Senior Product Manager, Ankr

How Do Web3 Users Benefit From Ankr Verify?

End users of Ankr Verify will exposed to an upgraded Web3 experience with secure and compliant blockchain networks and applications. In effect, Ankr Verify will act in a similar manner as a single sign-on applied to the decentralized web. Users will only need to verify their private information once to gain access to entire ecosystems of applications.

  • One-and-done credential verification for Web3
  • Safe and easy access to all chains and dApps
  • Private experiences on Web3 applications
  • Fast onboarding and account creation across apps

Final Thoughts

Ankr Verify seeks to unite the best practices of KYC compliance and Decentralized Identity (DID), making government-sanctioned Web3 use cases possible while still maintaining the unique privacy and autonomy benefits that blockchain provides. Ankr Verify is just one tool in a suite of Web3 infrastructure products designed to assist developers in creating the next generation of blockchain applications.

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