Ankr's ETH Liquid Staking APY on the Rise

Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer

May 9, 2023

3 min read

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Ankr Staking has recently witnessed a notable surge in the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of our Ethereum (ETH) liquid staking solution. This development presents a compelling opportunity for Ethereum holders to embark on their staking journey, harnessing the benefits of staking rewards paired with DeFi opportunities to make the most of their ETH holdings.

Unleashing the Power of Liquid Staking

Liquid staking allows ETH holders to stake their tokens while maintaining liquidity, enabling them to continue trading or utilizing their assets in DeFi earning strategies. Ankr's secure liquid staking solution has gained significant traction due to its user-friendly interface and competitive rewards. Now, with the rising APY, the platform is emerging as an extremely attractive option for individuals seeking to optimize their ETH holdings.

Liquid Stake Your ETH Now

Some Factors Driving the Rising APY

Multiple factors contribute to the surge in Ankr's ETH liquid staking APY, making it a favorable time to embark on the staking journey or reevaluate your staking platform. Here are some key elements to consider:

  • Increased Network Demand: The continuous growth of the Ethereum ecosystem is capturing the attention of validators due to its demand for scalability and has increased rewards along with users, resulting in more gas fees.

  • Growing ETH Market: Due to the Shanghai Update, we've been seeing an increase in overall TVL, led by its de-risking factor and the current trends in DeFi. These trends include concentrated liquidity from Uniswap and the incentives and bribes that are developing the ecosystem to become more capital-efficient than ever. Liquid Staking Tokens have also become a big narrative emerging to a much broader audience.

  • MEV Rewards Redistribution: Since Ankr redistributes rewards from MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) practices, this can increase staking APY greatly as validators see an influx of higher gas fees.

Seizing the Opportunity With ankrETH

With Ankr's ETH liquid staking APY on the rise, now is an opportune moment for Ethereum holders to start staking their ETH. By staking through Ankr, investors can enjoy the benefits of a user-friendly platform, maintain liquidity, and earn competitive rewards. Furthermore, stakers can actively contribute to the security and stability of the Ethereum network while unlocking access to liquid staking token pools and DeFi ecosystem.

ankrETH DeFi Opportunities

The magic of liquid staking is that you can earn additional rewards on top of your base level of ETH staking rewards. Here are some highlighted DeFi opportunities for this week.

See a full list of ankrETH DeFi opportunities.

  • Pendle Finance

ankrETH/WETH Liquidity Pool 55.4% Boosted APY

  • Curve Finance

ankrETH/ETH Liquidity Pool Up to 3.95% APY

  • Balancer

ankrETH/WETH Stable Pool Up to 3.60% APY

Final Thoughts

As liquid staking tokens (LSTs) continue to gain popularity this year, ankrETH provides an attractive option for maximizing rewards and liquidity for your Ethereum assets. Ankr is now also focusing on integrating ankrETH on other networks such as BNB and FTM so users can take advantage of lower fees and higher APYs with increased utility.

As an even greater number of DeFi protocols come to support ankrETH, there will be a wide variety of opportunities for stakers to earn extra layers of rewards. Be sure to follow Ankr Staking on Twitter to stay up to date on all DeFi integrations for ankrETH.

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