Neura Testnet and Road To Mainnet Program Launch

Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer

April 22, 2024

4 min read

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Ankr’s newly announced layer 1 blockchain for AI, Neura, has officially launched its public testnet. The testnet launch gives all developers the green light to build innovative dApps that blend AI and blockchain technology. This marks the beginning of our Road To Mainnet, a program that will encompass participation for both developers and token holders as we anticipate the launch of Neura’s live network later this year.

The Road To Mainnet includes:

  • A developer competition to create innovative AI apps to launch on the testnet and future mainnet with $100k in rewards.
  • ANKR token holder rewards program offering participants first dibs on joining IMOs from independent projects and AI models launching new tokens on the chain.
  • The migration of ANKR tokens to the Neura layer 1 blockchain for securing the network

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AI Innovators Competition

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Neura's public testnet. As we roll out the AI Innovators competition, we anticipate the emergence of groundbreaking projects leveraging Neura's cutting-edge capabilities. This competition sets the stage for the Mainnet journey, poised to be enriched with innovative AI models that enhance our ecosystem. ANKR token holders will be granted the first opportunity to engage with and invest in these developments, experiencing firsthand the transformative potential of AI models and applications built on Neura."

– Kev Silk, Senior PM, Neura

The AI Innovators Competition is a developer contest for builders eager to explore Neura’s unique capabilities as both a blockchain and AI model launch platform. The competition targets developers and AI researchers to boost innovation on the Neura blockchain with the creation of decentralized AI models and apps. These applications will utilize Neura's advantages: a decentralized GPU marketplace, an Initial Model Offering (IMO) framework, and built-in functionalities specifically designed for AI.

The competition will focus on key areas like improving efficiency in developing, deploying, and operating AI models, increasing user engagement, and fostering positive network effects across both AI and blockchain sectors. Top developer projects will split $100,000 in ANKR token grants, with additional funds available for projects with high potential for ecosystem growth, exceptional innovation, or significant user adoption.

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Neura’s Tech Stack Empowering Advanced dApp Development

The Neura blockchain is designed to provide a next-generation stack offering solutions to critical AI startup challenges like securing funding, obtaining GPU resources, and storing data efficiently. It does so with a blend of cloud computing, AI, and Web3 solutions built to democratize AI models and resources at every level.

Neura is an independent Cosmos SDK-based blockchain that utilizes its own consensus mechanism (CometBFT) rather than PoS like Ethereum. Ankr chose to build Neura based on the Cosmos SDK because it allows for superior scalability and interoperability to be built into the chain. This also allows us to easily bring in liquidity from other Cosmos-based chains.

Read the full Neura whitepaper

ANKR Token Holder Rewards Program

An additional aspect of Neura’s Road To Mainnet is a program for ANKR token holder participation. As the ANKR token is Neura's universal currency, Road To Mainnet will incorporate a rewards system for ANKR holders, with special benefits granted when the Mainnet is released later in the year. Token holders will be given the first chance to invest in AI model tokens for shared ownership and revenue, among other advantages and reward opportunities.

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Migrating ANKR To the Neura Blockchain

When the Neura mainnet is launched later this year, a portion of the ANKR token supply will be migrated to the new chain. Neura is EVM compatible, meaning that ERC 20 tokens (like ANKR) can operate on it. This is why Ankr didn’t need to create a new token for Neura, as ANKR tokens satisfy all the functionality needed to run Neura, like paying for GPU resources, participating in IMOs, and distributing GPU rewards for serving AI tasks.

Ankr will create a bridge for ANKR tokens to be transferred from Ethereum to Neura by locking a certain amount of ANKR tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and minting an equivalent amount on the Neura blockchain, so transactions on Neura using ANKR don’t require a direct Ethereum transaction each time. This ensures a gas-efficient experience with low fees for the whole Neura ecosystem.

Stay Tuned for More Road To Mainnet Details

Keep an eye out for Ankr’s Twitter announcements, which will contain more information on how to participate in the Road To Mainnet as a developer or ANKR token holder. We hope you’re as excited as we are to take the first step in a new era of AI x blockchain innovation.

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