Ankr and Eigen Layer: Transforming Web3 Infrastructure With Complete Modular Solutions

Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer

February 23, 2024

6 min read

In Brief

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    Building a Web3 project from scratch can be a daunting task with a multitude of puzzle pieces. DApp creation itself is complex, requiring specialized knowledge – and launching a new scalable network for the dApp to run on presents challenges like bootstrapping an entirely new set of validators and receiving enough staked value to secure them.

    Thankfully, for aspiring developers in the Web3 space, a powerful integration between Ankr and Eigen Layer offers a much smoother, faster journey. Think of the two organizations as offering pre-assembled sections of your puzzle, allowing you to launch highly scalable and secure Web3 protocols quickly.

    Ankr and Eigen Layer now provide all the infrastructure and tools needed for Actively Validated Services (AVS), that encompass Web3 infrastructure projects like sidechains, oracles, bridges, and data availability layers that will be critical for creating the modular scaling solutions of 2024 and beyond.

    TL;DR – Web3 infrastructure streamlined and simplified

    • Ankr offers complete blockchain & dApp creation tools: Ankr provides every tool needed to build any new blockchain app or protocol. Eigen Layer AVS projects can have Ankr create their new blockchain, carry out all node operations, and supply every tool they need to build innovative use cases.
    • Eigen Layer extends Ethereum’s security to every protocol: Eigen Layer allows any new project to avoid bootstrapping its own cryptoeconomic security (staked tokens) by offering developers access to the Ethereum staked capital base and decentralized validator set.

    What Is Eigen Layer? Borrowing Trust, Accelerating Innovation

    Eigen 1.png Source: Eigen Layer Whitepaper

    With over 940,563 validators and $73 billion in ETH staked, Ethereum is by far the most decentralized and well-secured Web3 network as the original smart contract platform. However, building new modules on top of Ethereum to achieve desired scalability or functionality upgrades traditionally required bootstrapping a new validator network – a time-consuming and very expensive process.

    Enter Eigen Layer, offering a revolutionary approach:

    • Shared Security: Instead of building from scratch, Eigen Layer lets developers "borrow" trust from the existing Ethereum network with restaking. By leveraging its massive validator base, AVS projects inherit secure and reliable validation without the hefty price tag.

    • Capital Efficiency: This shared security model eliminates the need for a high capital cost from new protocols attempting to bootstrap validation and incentivize security with staking rewards. For most projects, the cost of offering staking rewards would be even greater than the operational costs like networking and data storage.

    • Focus on Innovation: By offloading security concerns to Eigen Layer, developers can dedicate their time and resources to building unique and impactful applications. Without the formidable barriers to entry in validation and gathering capital for securing new networks, developers can proliferate improvements to Web3’s inner workings more easily.

    Benefits AVS Projects Get From Building On Eigen Layer

    • Pick and choose security requirement: Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, EigenLayer lets projects tailor the amount of trust they borrow from Ethereum, carefully balancing decentralization and cost based on their project's needs.
    • Skip the validation setup: Forget about setting up and maintaining your own validator network, a complex and expensive process. EigenLayer grants you access to Ethereum's large and well-established validator base, saving you time and resources.
    • No need for high inflation: You won't have to resort to high token inflation rates to incentivize security, a common practice with new blockchains. Leverage Ethereum's existing security infrastructure instead.
    • Lower barriers, higher security: This innovative model makes it easier than ever to launch new blockchain projects while strengthening the security of existing ones. Prepare for a wave of faster, more decentralized, and permissionless innovation on Ethereum.

    Ankr: All-in-One Development Toolkit for Eigen Layer AVS


    Ankr is supporting Eigen Layer by facilitating ETH restaking (with ankrETH) and assisting AVS projects with their node operations. Additionally, Ankr provides infrastructure for every step of the development process and helps AVS projects get up and running many times faster with a suite of products and services to help developers build.

    Node Operations for Eigen Layer

    As an Eigen Layer node operator, Ankr ensures every AVS can receive an instant solution for running its node infrastructure with all operations and maintenance handled by our team. No other organization in the Web3 space has as much experience in running node infrastructure as Ankr. Since 2017, Ankr has operated nodes on dozens of Proof of Stake networks, setting up a massive network of bare-metal nodes around the world.

    Choose Ankr to run your AVS nodes →

    Liquid Restaking on Eigen Layer

    As the inventor of liquid staking, Ankr facilitates the restaking of ankrETH tokens to Eigen Layer, supporting validation for a variety of AVS projects. With a TVL of over $86 million on Ankr Staking, Ankr is one of the largest Ethereum stakers with an industry-leading node delegation system and security. Ankr is the go-to staking infrastructure provider for ecosystems like the BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, and more.

    Restake ankrETH to Eigen Layer →

    Rollups and Sidechains as a Service

    Ankr offers a diverse range of options for launching your blockchains with customizability at every level for infrastructure built around your application. As the approved infrastructure partner for building L2 rollups and sidechains on ecosystems like the BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Optimism, Avalanche, and zkSync, Ankr simplifies blockchain development for all use cases. Ankr satisfies every requirement for infrastructure and engineering like validators, RPC nodes, block explorers, testnets, staking platforms, and more for completely custom blockchain solutions.

    Build your own Rollup or Sidechain fast →

    Every RPC and API to Build New dApps

    Ankr’s RPC Service supports 40,000 Web3 developers as they connect with Ankr’s nodes to carry out read/write operations to an array of blockchains. As the most globally distributed RPC Service, Ankr delivers low-latency experiences for Web3 apps and projects, ensuring that end users receive the fastest and most reliable experience.

    Get instant RPC endpoints to 46+ blockchains →

    Synergy in Action: An Ideal Combination

    The true power lies in the seamless integration of Ankr and Eigen Layer. Imagine this:

    • You brainstorm a revolutionary idea for a new protocol.
    • Ankr's scaling solutions provide seamless creation of your new blockchain network and integration with Eigen Layer.
    • Eigen Layer eliminates the need for building a validator network, saving you time and resources.
    • You focus on crafting the core functionalities of your protocol, leveraging Ankr's developer tools for optimization.

    Final Thoughts

    The powerful combination of Ankr and Eigen Layer allows developers to launch innovative AVSs with unprecedented speed and efficiency. This development will become an essential component to launch the next generation of Web3 use cases reliant upon modular solutions. Stay tuned for more news on Ankr’s integration with Eigen Layer as we propel the industry forward.

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