Ankr RaaS Collaborations Reshaping Web3 Modularity and Performance

Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer

March 21, 2024

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Last November, Ankr announced our Rollups as a Service offering to evolve Web3 scaling. Since then, we’ve been proud to establish an array of collaborators that have transformed the performance and modularity capabilities of Ankr RaaS.

The advent of Rollups as a Service has quickly reshaped Web3 with expanded throughput, interoperability, and various solutions to solve the scalability trilemma of blockchain. With services like Ankr to ensure every organization or developer who wants a dedicated blockchain for their dApp can have one, it evolves Web3 network performance to handle even the most far-reaching use cases.

“Ankr’s journey in scaling Ethereum is driven by a deep commitment to empowering developers with high-quality and decentralized infrastructure, enabling the creation of transformative Web3 applications. The expansion and integration of our RaaS offering represents a pivotal leap forward, making it possible for developers to leverage the full potential of rollup frameworks. With our integrations and the continuous enhancement of Ankr RaaS, we are setting new standards for scalability, performance, and user experience in the blockchain space.”

– Kev Silk, Senior PM, Ankr RaaS

This article serves as a guide for developers to uncover the benefits of Ankr RaaS collaborator integrations.

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Ankr’s RaaS Collaborations

Over the last few months, we’ve worked tirelessly to integrate an array of rollup solutions with our stack, and we are proud to announce all current integrations here at once. Ankr’s Rollups as a Service now offers clients the ability to integrate with their choice of modular collaborators to offer the highest levels of scalability, efficiency, and decentralization possible.


  • Espresso: Ankr’s collaboration with Espresso’s decentralized sequencer gives every Rollup the chance to build in autonomous decentralization.
  • Arbitrum: Ankr RaaS clients can harness our integration with Arbitrum's L2 Optimistic Rollup framework and stack for creating scalable new chains.
  • Optimism: Ankr RaaS Clients can quickly customize and deploy a new dedicated L2 blockchain in the Superchain network using our integration with OP Stack.
  • Near DA: Simplify and lower costs for your rollup by using NEAR as the Data Availability (DA) Layer in your Rollup Stack as a cost-effective alternative to Ethereum.
  • Celestia: - Ankr’s Celestia Data Availability layer collaboration offers greatly enhanced scalability for rollups built with Ankr RaaS.
  • zkSync: Quickly customize and deploy a new dedicated ZK L2 blockchain utilizing the unique benefits of the ZK Stack.
  • EigenLayer: Ankr’s collaboration with EigenDA offers cost-effective scalability with secure, high throughput, and decentralized data availability (DA) leveraging the EigenLayer restaking primitive.
  • Hyperlane: Hyperlane is the permissionless interoperability layer connecting the modular ecosystem. With Hyperlane, anyone can connect any blockchain, rollup, appchain, on any VM.

Quotes From RaaS Integration Teams

"Our team is excited to see Ankr integrating Arbitrum's Optimistic Rollup stack and framework into their RaaS offering. This integration creates new possibilities for developers seeking to build scalable and cost-effective blockchain applications, and we look forward to seeing what emerges from this expansion."

– David Dennis, Product Marketing Director at Offchain Labs, initial developers of Arbitrum

“Working with Ankr has made it even easier for developers to help bring new users onchain in a thriving Superchain ecosystem. Ankr is a trusted partner that provides Optimism with node infrastructure, so providing high-quality RaaS is a natural extension of our collaboration.”

– Tess Rinearson, Head of Emerging Products at OP Labs, “

RaaS Supporting Every Modular Layer

Modularity is key to unlocking the potential of layer 2 blockchains. This is why Ankr has collaborated with the most advanced solutions to provide an end-to-end solution for building the most advanced new L2s.

By separating functions like transaction execution and data storage, each modular layer can be optimized for its specific purpose. This allows for faster processing and handling of more transactions, ultimately leading to a smoother and more scalable blockchain experience.

final modular.jpg

The Most Powerful Rollup as a Service Provider

Ankr's RaaS, a key part of its Scaling Services, equips developers with fast, secure tools for building rollups and other scaling solutions like sidechains across blockchain ecosystems. Merging decentralized infrastructure with financial incentives via Liquid Staking, Ankr offers a comprehensive and sustainable development experience, catering to the demand for scalable, Ethereum-secure projects, and establishing itself as a RaaS leader.

Ankr distinguishes itself as the sole RaaS provider blending top-tier rollup infrastructure with developer incentives via ankrETH, DePIN status, and a dual token strategy. This mix ensures a sustainable, all-encompassing development setting, backed by a decentralized, superior infrastructure network.

Ankr RaaS Key Differentiators:

  • DePIN Network: Leverage a worldwide network of elite node providers, including IoTex, Mind Heart Soul, and Tencent, to guarantee the most decentralized, secure, and robust infrastructure.
  • Streamlined Launch: Have Ankr handle the entire rollup creation process, from engineering to management.
  • Unparalleled Reliability: Ensure the highest speed and unwavering uptime with Ankr’s global node network.
  • Unmatched Flexibility: Build using your preferred stack, including Polygon CDK, OP Stack, ZK Stack, Arbitrum, and Fluent.
  • Seamless Integrations: Leverage all of the above protocols for instant builder resources, scalability, and decentralization.
  • Comprehensive Support: Receive full-scale engineering, customization, and maintenance services, adapted to your specific project requirements.
  • Architecture Flexibility: Ankr services both ZK and Optimistic rollup architectures.
  • Dual Token Approach: Developers can use ankrETH for financial yield and operational advantages, with the flexibility to create a native token for community engagement and governance.

Unlocking New Economics For L2 Chains

Ankr’s RaaS gives clients the opportunity to create and use innovative new tokens as their native currency. Imagine every token on your Ethereum-based rollup offers constant rewards for holders. This is the power of using Ankr’s Ethereum liquid staking token, ankrETH, as your optional gas token.

  • Share Security: Unlock the massive capital base of staked ETH to be utilized again in securing your rollup with Ankr’s liquid staking assets.
  • Collect 24/7 Rewards: Using ankrETH as your rollup token means a constant stream of ETH staking rewards is delivered to all holders.
  • Put TVL on Autopilot: Multiply the TVL potential of your rollup as the value of tokens on the network grows daily to support every financial function.
  • Achieve Gasless UX: Use the ankrETH liquid staking token as your gas token to cover operational costs or subsidize gas fees.

Build Your Rollup With the Strongest Infrastructure

Since 2017, Ankr has distinguished itself as a leading Web3 developer hub, providing extensive tools and connections to 46+ blockchains. Via our Rollups as a Service offering, Ankr seeks to redefine Web3 performance by leveraging our Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) to ensure unmatched reliability and security with global node infrastructure. This supports a wide range of services, including dApp development, RaaS, blockchain scaling, and staking solutions, positioning Ankr as a key player in facilitating scalable and secure Web3 development.

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