Ankr RaaS Integrates Hyperlane for Permissionless Interoperability

Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer

April 30, 2024

4 min read


As deploying a new rollup becomes easier than ever with Ankr’s Rollup as a Service, we are thrilled to introduce our latest integration that makes interoperability just as seamless. Hyperlane makes building interoperability into rollups a smooth process that is destined to change the Web3 user experience for the better.

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What is Hyperlane, and How Does It Work With Rollups?

Hyperlane is the first Permissionless Interoperability framework, enabling anyone to connect any blockchain, out-of-the-box. This makes interoperability accessible to any team building a rollup, as they no longer need to petition and wait for the “permissioned” interoperability teams and protocols to implement support for their chain.

Modular blockchains have become much easier to launch but still begin their lifecycle isolated from existing chains. Hyperlane is breaking the barriers to interoperability, creating a seamless path forward to connect every chain and app while abstracting away the complexity of interchain interactions and serving users on any connected chain.

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Why Did Ankr Choose To Integrate Hyperlane With Our RaaS?

The strategic collaboration with Hyperlane aligns with Ankr's vision of fostering the most versatile blockchain creation stack possible. Hyperlane's suite of features, including permissionless interoperability and bridging, modular security, and multi-VM support, seamlessly integrates with Ankr RaaS, significantly expanding the platform's capabilities and reach.

Hyperlane unlocks new development for builders as they can seamlessly connect and operate across diverse blockchain ecosystems. This critical interoperability framework empowers the creation of intricate, responsive applications that can interact with any blockchain network, shattering previous limitations.

Ankr RaaS Developer Benefits

  • Creating Cross-Chain Applications: Developers can build dApps on their rollup that leverage the strengths of multiple blockchains simultaneously. For instance, a DeFi app/protocol built with Ankr RaaS can utilize Ethereum for its robust smart contract capabilities while handling transactions on a faster, lower-cost network like Binance Smart Chain or Solana, all facilitated by Hyperlane.

  • Enhancing Dapp Functionality: With Hyperlane, dApps developed on Ankr RaaS can offer features such as cross-chain asset transfers, multi-chain governance, and data sharing across blockchains. This is particularly beneficial for applications requiring high throughput and those that operate in decentralized finance and gaming.

  • Enhanced Yield Routes Via Hyperlane’s Bridge: Ankr’s RaaS stack will support the Hyperlane Warp Routes and Yield Routes. Warp Routes enable permissionless bridging of any token to any chain without the need for whitelisting, creating powerful composable interchain DeFi benefits. And Yield Routes take it to another level by automatically staking or depositing bridged assets to generate passive yield on top.

  • Improving Scalability: The combination of Ankr’s decentralized infrastructure and Hyperlane’s bridging capabilities allows applications to scale effectively by offloading transactions to appropriate chains depending on cost, speed, and security requirements.

End User Benefits

  • Behind-the-Scenes Interoperability: Users of applications built on Ankr RaaS with Hyperlane can interact with multiple blockchains in a seamless, secure manner. This means they can take advantage of different blockchain features without managing multiple wallets or interfaces.

  • Cost Efficiency: By intelligently routing transactions and interactions through the most efficient blockchain available, developers can significantly reduce the costs associated with high gas fees, benefiting end-users who will experience lower transaction costs.

  • Innovation and Choice: The integration opens up a broader array of possibilities for developers to innovate without being limited to the constraints of a single blockchain. This means more creative and effective blockchain solutions for end-users, enhancing their experience and satisfaction.

  • Security and Trust: Modular security enables developers to customize their security to their needs. For example, a cross-chain game moving trading cards between chains can have a more lightweight security model versus a $10m transfer between chains.

Final Thoughts

Ankr RaaS and Hyperlane infrastructures create a powerful combination that delivers enhanced functionality, security, and efficiency. This integration leverages both platforms’ strengths—Ankr’s robust, decentralized physical infrastructure and Hyperlane's advanced interoperability framework—to provide developers and enterprises with comprehensive tools to build, deploy, and manage next-generation blockchain applications.

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