Ankr Supporting the Omni AVS To Unite All Rollups

Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer

April 16, 2024

3 min read


We are proud to unveil our second AVS provider case study in Omni Network – an interoperability network that connects all Ethereum rollups securely through the use of restaking!

As a cornerstone technology behind Eigen Layer, Ankr provides the essential infrastructure that unlocks the power of Ethereum security for a new generation of Web3 protocols. This robust foundation eliminates scaling bottlenecks, enabling streamlined launch and operations for AVSs:

  • Secure Node Operations: Ankr ensures the seamless operation of nodes, the backbone of any blockchain network.
  • Innovative Liquid Staking Solutions: Ankr offers flexible staking options that allow users to participate in securing the network while maintaining access to their assets.
  • Streamlined Scaling Services: Ankr simplifies the development process, expediting the launch of ambitious AVS projects.

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What Is Omni Network? Uniting Siloed Rollup Ecosystems

Omni Network is a layer 1 blockchain designed specifically to connect all rollups while solving the existential threat facing Ethereum: the fragmentation caused by so many disparate Layer 2s.  Here's the key takeaway:

  • Unifying Rollups: Omni aims to fix the fragmentation issue caused by rollups on the Ethereum network. By creating a cohesive network, Omni Network allows users and their capital to move freely between different rollups. Think of the Omni L1 as a bridge between isolated rollup ecosystems, promoting network effects within the Ethereum ecosystem.

  • Restaking for Security: Omni utilizes a unique concept called restaking to establish a high-performance interoperability network. This combines the security of Ethereum with the speed of a dedicated chain.

  • Low Latency: This focus on speed allows for fast communication between different rollups on the network.

Overall, Omni Network aims to be the connective tissue for the entire rollup ecosystem on Ethereum, fostering a more unified and efficient Web3.

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How Does Omni Benefit the Ethereum Rollup Ecosystem?

Omni Network acts as a bridge between different rollups, allowing them to work together and creating a more unified and user-friendly experience for everyone involved in the Ethereum rollup ecosystem.

  • Interoperability: Omni Network allows for seamless communication between different rollups. This means users can transfer assets and interact with applications built on any rollup, regardless of which one they're currently using.

  • Unified Market: By enabling interoperability, Omni creates a unified market for users and developers. Developers can build applications that work across all rollups, reaching a wider audience and benefiting from the combined liquidity of the entire ecosystem. Users have access to a broader range of applications and assets.

  • Global Applications: Omni's infrastructure allows developers to create “global” applications that can dynamically deploy across all rollups, inheriting the security of Ethereum and the scalability benefits of rollups.

  • Reduced Fragmentation:  By enabling communication and a unified market, Omni Network helps reduce fragmentation within the Ethereum rollup ecosystem. This strengthens the network effect and fosters a more vibrant and interconnected environment.

How Are Ankr and Omni Working Together?

Ankr Operating Nodes for Omni: By opting in as an AVS node operator for Omni, Ankr commits to providing an essential service for the project. This includes operating validators for Omni and ensuring smooth and secure operations for the protocol.

  • High-performance node operations for AVS
  • Distributed validation
  • Around-the-clock support & maintenance

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Integrating Omni with Ankr RaaS: Ankr’s Rollup as a Service will integrate Omni to provide developers with the choice of having enhanced interoperability for their new rollup.

  • Enhanced interoperability for new L2s
  • Offers additional tool for Ankr RaaS
  • Provides new opportunities for L2s

Learn more about Ankr RaaS

Final Thoughts

Our collaboration with Omni is just one of the ways Ankr is working to support the ecosystem of innovation brought about by Eigen Layer. Stay tuned for our work with more AVS protocols coming soon.

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