AnkrBNB is Integrated with Open Ocean

Tiago Pratas

Tiago Pratas

January 26, 2024

2 min read

In Brief

    AnkrBNB on Open Ocean as Routing Asset for blog.png We are delighted to announce our partnership with Open Ocean Protocol, a DEX aggregator that offers a dynamic trading platform. Through this partnership, ankrBNB and all its features will be made available for Open Ocean users, creating more efficient routing paths for their swaps.


    • AnkrBNB is Integrated with Open Ocean.
    • Open Ocean users will be able to stake BNB directly on the Ankr platform.
    • Ankr BNB Flash Unstake feature will also be made available for Open Ocean users.

    AnkrETH Integration on Open Ocean Protocol

    We are happy to announce that ankrBNB will be integrated into the Open Ocean protocol. This integration is another major milestone for Ankr liquid staking products, enhancing its usability and creating another use case.

    Open Ocean integration will enable users to leverage ankrBNB deep liquidity to use the token as a routing asset whenever they’re swapping BNB and ankrBNB.

    What is Open Ocean

    Open Ocean is a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator protocol that empowers users to swap with the best possible market efficiency. To do so, Open Ocean aggregates the most liquidity sources across the widest selection of blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or Tron.

    Known for catering their services to a wide array of users, Open Ocean provides an intuitive interface with several advanced tools and APIs for professional and institutional traders.

    Among its products, Open Ocean includes derivatives product aggregation and intelligent investment services to broaden the scope of financial instruments available to users.

    As we continue our expansion roadmap and create further use cases for our liquid staking tokens, we are delighted to see other protocols adopting our solutions to provide a better service for their users.

    With this integration we are happy to become an Open Ocean partner, providing its users the advantage of staking BNB directly with Ankr and streamlining the process significantly. This integration will not only simplify the process but will also diminish the fees and slippage of each swap.

    Moreover, Open Ocean users will also be able to leverage the Ankr Flash Unstaking feature for BNB, which will enable them to swiftly convert between ankrBNB and BNB.

    Our collaboration with Open Ocean is a significant stride towards a more interconnected and user-friendly DeFi ecosystem, and we are excited about the future possibilities this partnership holds.

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