Announcing the Ankr x Homeless Ventures Hackathon: 5 Reasons To Join

Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer

November 23, 2023

3 min read

In Brief


    Ankr, zkSync, and Homeless Ventures are excited to announce that we have teamed up to launch a hackathon & incubation program to incentivize creativity & developer growth! In early 2024 (date to be released), the hackathon will commence as builders will use Ankr’s blockchain infrastructure to build on top of the zkSync blockchain.

    The hackathon’s purpose is to:

    • Drive innovation in the blockchain ecosystem
    • Encourage cutting-edge solutions
    • Tackle pressing challenges across crypto and Web3

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    Why Have Ankr & Homeless Ventures Teamed Up for This Event?

    Ankr and Homeless Ventures share a common objective: to create a network of individuals that fosters groundbreaking solutions and drives innovation within the Web3 ecosystem. We have come together to provide the ideal environment for the brightest minds to develop their solutions. Ankr’s high-performance blockchain infrastructure, united with the professional experience and knowledge of Homeless Ventures, provides an extremely nurturing atmosphere for devs and early-stage blockchain projects.

    5 Reasons To Participate In the Hackathon

    1. BUIDL cool projects. The Hackathon creates a chance to build something new and innovative. Work on projects that you’re passionate about, and win funding for your ideas.

    2. Network with other developers and industry leaders. Meet like-minded developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and investors. This is a great opportunity to network with other people in the Web3 space and build relationships that could lead to future collaborations or job opportunities.

    3. Get feedback on your work. Receive feedback on your work from judges, mentors, and other participants. This feedback can be invaluable in helping developers to improve their coding skills and learn new techniques.

    4. Contribute to the Web3 ecosystem. Hackathons are a great way to contribute to the growing Web3 ecosystem. By participating in hackathons, developers can help to build new and innovative products and services that will benefit everyone.

    5. Earn rewards and funding: See the section below for all the prizes and benefits you’ll gain as a Hackathon winner that can push your project forward!

    Hackathon Builder Categories

    Hackathon judges will pick projects from the below categories:

    • DeFi: Projects that are launching smart contracts with a variety of use cases, such as DEXs, oracles, liquid staking, lending, derivatives, yield aggregators, insurance, asset management and fixed interest, and more.

    • DAO: Governance and voting, treasury management, community management, Compensation Distribution, Access control, and more.

    • Gaming: NFT gaming, RPG, and more.

    • Wallet: Non-custodial, custodial, multisig, hot wallet, cold hardware, wallet middleware, wallet security, and more.

    • Infrastructure: Dashboards for analytics, node services, multisig tools, auditing, validator management, and more.

    Hackathon Rewards & Prizes

    The top 3 highest voted builders will be eligible for the prize pool of the following:

    • $20,000 in $ANKR tokens
    • $25,000 Angel Round from Homeless Ventures
    • Advisory session with Ankr
    • Facilitated introductions to network of developers by zkSync
    • Ankr Enterprise Node & RPC services
    • Co-marketing & AMAs

    Final Thoughts

    The Ankr x Homeless Ventures Hackathon offers a great opportunity to buidl, make new friends and connections, and create innovative new projects that drive the industry forward. Ankr can’t wait to meet all the developers in attendance and

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