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Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer

April 26, 2024

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Ankr’s collaboration with Optimism for Rollups as a Service is well underway, giving every organization or developer the opportunity to customize and deploy dedicated OP Stack Chains that will inherit the technical and governance benefits of the ecosystem’s Superchain. Read on to discover the unique benefits of deploying your own OP Stack Chain below!

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Build With the Trust Of An Optimism-Approved Rollup Vendor

Imagine a custom-built Layer 2 solution, powered by the security of Optimism and tailored exclusively for your application's needs. With Ankr's RaaS, this vision becomes reality. As an official implementation partner of the Optimism Foundation, Ankr empowers you to customize and easily create an L2 built on the OP Stack. This dedicated environment handles your project's traffic seamlessly, removing scalability bottlenecks and ensuring frictionless user experiences.

“Working with Ankr has made it even easier for developers to help bring new users onchain in a thriving Superchain ecosystem. Ankr is a trusted partner that provides Optimism with node infrastructure, so providing high-quality RaaS is a natural extension of our collaboration.”

– Tess Rinearson, Head of Emerging Products at OP Labs

What Does Ankr’s OP Stack Launch Service Offer?

Ankr's RaaS goes beyond just infrastructure. We provide a comprehensive suite of developer-friendly features to streamline the launch and management of your rollup. This includes:

  • Full Blockchain Engineering: Ankr provides end-to-end engineering for new rollups with customization at every level to meet client specifications for consensus mechanisms, programming languages, throughput, gas fees, and much more.

  • Complete Rollup Infrastructure: Ankr collaborates with various third-party vendors best suited to operate the underlying node infrastructure needed to run a rollup, such as full nodes, validators, sequencers, and aggregators.

  • Strong DePIN Node Ops: Our DePIN harnesses a blend of bare metal servers and cloud-based nodes deployed in over 20 different countries from top-tier partners, guaranteeing decentralized, low-latency, secure, and robust node operations for rollups.

  • Comprehensive Development Tools: Ankr will provide various development tools and frameworks to help developers build their rollups, such as SDKs and other tools.

  • Ironclad Security and Auditing: Ankr will assist developers in securing their rollups and will consult on security auditing by third-party security firms.

  • Unfailing Support: Ankr will offer ongoing support to developers, such as troubleshooting, performance optimization, and continued node operations.

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Why Choose the OP Stack for Your Rollup?

There are several compelling reasons to choose the OP Stack for building your dedicated Layer 2 rollup with Ankr's RaaS:

  • Faster, Cheaper Transactions: By leveraging optimistic rollup principles, data compression, and optional shared sequencers, the OP Stack facilitates exceedingly fast and efficient transactions due to reduced workload on the mainnet, lightweight fraud proofs, and potential resource optimization.

  • Security Built-in: The OP Stack leverages Ethereum's security, utilizes honest behavior assumptions with fraud proofs, and offers a lighter economic burden for security compared to some ZK-Rollups.

  • Customizable Environment: The OP Stack offers a modular design, giving developers the power to tailor rollups to fit their specific application's needs with greater control and optimization.

  • Open-Source Frameworks: The OP Stack is an open-source project, fostering a collaborative developer community. This translates to ongoing development, access to a wealth of resources, and a future-proof solution for your rollup.

  • Thriving Ecosystem & Community: Some of the highest-profile projects in Web3 have chosen to build with Optimism including Base, Farcaster, Synthetix, Rainbow, and many more.

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Use Modular Scaling Advantages To Supercharge Your OP Stack Chain

Ankr’s Rollup as a Service is integrated with the leading modularity solutions and offers clients the ability to integrate with their choice of modular collaborators to offer the highest levels of scalability, efficiency, and decentralization possible.

Ankr Modular Scaling Stack_UPD2.jpg

Unlock New Economics For L2 Chains With Liquid Tokens

Ankr’s RaaS gives clients the opportunity to create and use innovative new tokens as their native currency. Imagine every token on your Ethereum-based rollup offers constant rewards for holders. This is the power of using Ankr’s Ethereum liquid staking token, ankrETH, as your optional gas token.

  • Shared Security: Unlock the massive capital base of staked ETH to be utilized secure securing your rollup with Ankr’s liquid staking assets.
  • 24/7 Rewards: Using ankrETH as your rollup token means a constant stream of ETH staking rewards is delivered to all holders.
  • TVL on Autopilot: Multiply the TVL potential of your rollup as the value of tokens on the network grows daily to support every financial function.
  • Gasless UX: Use the ankrETH liquid staking token as your gas token to cover operational costs or subsidize gas fees.

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Build Your Rollup With the Strongest Infrastructure

Since 2017, Ankr has distinguished itself as the leading Web3 developer hub, providing extensive tools and connections to 46+ blockchains. Via our Rollups as a Service offering, Ankr seeks to redefine Web3 performance by leveraging our Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) to ensure unmatched reliability and security with global node infrastructure. This supports a wide range of services, including dApp development, RaaS, blockchain scaling, and staking solutions, positioning Ankr as a key player in facilitating scalable and secure Web3 development.

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