Introducing Neura: A New Era of AI x Blockchain Innovation

Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer

March 26, 2024

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In Brief


    Ankr has never been more thrilled to release the latest innovation from our team – Neura. Neura is a revolutionary blockchain that seamlessly integrates AI, cloud computing, and Web3 technologies, creating a transformative era for digital innovation across all three industries.

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    Neura's Genesis: Creating a Superior AI Platform

    Neura was engineered to solve some of the most pressing challenges AI developers face when bringing new projects to market. Neura will offer foundational infrastructure for AI startups, offering access to decentralized GPU resources, crypto-based crowdfunding, and on-chain AI operations. For the first time, Neura provides a fusion of cloud computing, AI, and Web3 technologies to transform the way AI companies are able to deploy, train models, and operate – on the blockchain.


    With its rich blockchain innovation and infrastructure heritage, Ankr is uniquely positioned to spearhead the convergence of AI and Web3. Leveraging the Cosmos SDK for its flexibility and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for its wide compatibility, the Neura blockchain is poised to become a pioneering solution that addresses these industry-wide challenges.

    A Word From Ankr’s CEO

    “Neura offers a superior operating system for the neural networks of AI models, supercharging them with trusted data, scalable access to GPU resources, smart contract automation, and new economic models more capable of handling by-the-second demands of future AI apps and payments. The convergence of Web3 and AI will be one of the most important events for both industries, and we are very excited to be leading the way.”

    – Chandler Song, Ankr’s Co-Founder and CEO.


    Core Features and Benefits of the Neura Blockchain

    The Neura blockchain offers an enhanced foundation for AI projects with a fusion of tech to transform scalability, economics, security, and interoperability.

    Scaling GPU Resources to Any Demand

    Decentralized GPU Marketplace: At the heart of Neura lies a dynamic marketplace that empowers developers with scalable access to GPU resources, crucial for AI and blockchain computations. This ecosystem democratizes access to computational power, bridging the gap between GPU providers and developers.

    Creating new funding & economics for AI

    Initial Model Offerings (IMOs): Neura's groundbreaking funding mechanism, the IMO, enables AI projects to secure investment and computational resources via the blockchain. This innovation represents a significant leap forward in blockchain-based AI development, offering a sustainable growth pathway for emerging technologies.

    • AI Token Sales: Although ANKR is Neura's universal gas token, AI projects can launch their own cryptocurrencies on the network to enable collective project ownership, AI model usage payments, and other functionality.

    • Fractionalized Ownership: Utilizing ERC-404 tokens, Neura enables fractional ownership of projects, facilitating powerful new business models for AI.

    • Revenue Sharing: Share profits from AI usage automatically using ERC-7641 tokens and spread rewards to contributors and investors.

    Offering More Efficient Data Handling

    Decentralized Storage Solutions: By employing cutting-edge off-chain storage solutions like EigenLayer, Celestia, Arweave, and IPFS, Neura ensures efficient and secure data storage. However, the Neura blockchain is critical for ensuring The blockchain's role is crucial in maintaining data integrity and establishing Neura as a robust platform for data-intensive AI and blockchain applications.

    Providing Ironclad Bitcoin Security

    21M BTC Marketcap Security: Neura harnesses the unparalleled security of staked Bitcoin, courtesy of the Babylon protocol, creating the safest environment for on-chain data. Due to Neura’s integration with Babylon, its PoS system will be able to utilize Babylon’s trustless scalable staking features to unlock value from the idle, unencumbered $1 trillion Bitcoin ecosystem.

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    ANKR Token: The Heart of Neura's Ecosystem

    The ANKR token is essential to Neura's operations. It serves as the universal currency for accessing GPU resources, participating in IMOs, and acquiring AI services. It rewards GPU providers and compensates AI developers, fostering an ecosystem of innovation and growth. The launch of Neura highlights the indispensable role of the ANKR token within its ecosystem, demonstrating its clear utility, demand, and broader strategy for growth and innovation it supports. By emphasizing ANKR's integral role and the innovative economic models Neura introduces, Ankr aims to showcase the token's significant value proposition to holders and ecosystem participants.

    Under the Hood of Neura: Ultimate Security, Scalability, Interoperability

    The Neura blockchain was built using the Cosmos SDK, IBC protocol, CometBFT consensus, and Evmos frameworks, building in full EVM compatibility and seamless deployment of AI across ecosystems, setting a new standard for interoperability across all chains in Cosmos and beyond. Building on Cosmos also offers seamless integration with the new Babylon protocol, enabling Neura to benefit from bitcoin staking, offeringadding an ironclad layer of security to the Proof of Stake network.

    Stay Tuned For More Neura Updates

    As we stand on the brink of a new digital dawn, Ankr's Neura invites developers, investors, and tech enthusiasts to join in shaping the future of AI and blockchain integration. With Neura, Ankr is not just launching a platform; it's pioneering a movement towards a more integrated, efficient, and accessible digital world.


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