Participate In the Practice IMO, Earn Early Access To the First Neura Projects!

Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer

June 5, 2024

3 min read

In Brief

    test IMOs.jpg

    Greetings, Neura explorers! We have launched a practice version of an IMO on the Neura testnet to give our users a chance to learn the simple process of contributing to new Neura AI projects so they are confident to delegate funds to any project once the mainnet launches.

    Let this article be your step-by-step guide to completing your first practice IMO contribution process as we walk you through how to connect to Neura, receive tokens, contribute tokens – and, most importantly, earn your early access to be the first participant in live IMOs on Neura!

    What Rewards Will You Get From The Practice IMO?

    Ankr is rewarding users with early access to new projects launching IMOs on the Neura platform. You can earn points by participating in different activities – the more you participate, the more potential to earn early access! We will be taking a snapshot of participants who will be eligible for future rewards in the Neura ecosystem.

    Instructions for Completing The Practice IMO

    Step 1

    Go to the Test IMO page

    Step 2

    Click the “Connect wallet” button at the top right-hand corner of the page. Sign into your MetaMask wallet if not already signed in.

    Step 2.png

    Step 3

    Once your wallet is connected, you should see a prompt to switch your MetaMask’s network to the Neura Testnet. Select the options to switch your network.

    If the option to switch networks does not come up automatically, you can add the Neura testnet to your wallet by visiting our docs and following the instructions under “Adding to MetaMask.”

    Step 3.png

    Step 4

    Navigate to the projects tab and select “Active Projects” to see the options for participating in one of the test IMOs. Click on either PajamaLlama AI or Bad Llama to get started.

    Step 4.png

    Step 5

    In order to contribute testnet funds in the practice IMO, you will need to get testnet ANKR from the faucet located in the top right corner.

    Step 5.png

    Step 6

    Copy and paste your wallet address in the faucet and click “Give me 1 ANKR Token” to receive your testnet ANKR.


    Step 7

    Return to the practice IMO project screen and click "Test" at the bottom, and follow all the prompts in your MetaMask to complete the transaction.

    new test.png

    Final Notes

    IMOs on Neura will be an incredible way to participate in the cutting edge of Web3 x AI applications. The practice IMO will provide you with a tutorial to learn how to take advantage of contributing to live IMOs as soon as the Neura mainnet launches, as well as give you points and early access!

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