Transitioning Testnets from Goerli to Sepolia

Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer

January 16, 2024

3 min read


Goerli's Gone, Sepolia's Strong -- it’s time to finalize the Ethereum Testnet migration.

Calling all Web3 developers! The curtain has fallen on Goerli, and Sepolia has risen as the new champion of Ethereum testnets. If you haven't made the switch yet, don’t worry, this guide will equip you with all the knowledge and tools you need to seamlessly transition your testing environment to Sepolia on Ankr's powerful RPC platform.


  • Goerli testnet is being deprecated Jan. 2024
  • Most chains have launched Sepolia testnets to replace it
  • Developers should switch their endpoints to Sepolia by following the guide below

Why the Transition To Sepolia?

Goerli served us well, but like all good things, its time in the spotlight came to an end. Here's why Sepolia is now the star of the testnet show:

  • Proof-of-Stake Parity: Sepolia mirrors the post-merge state of the mainnet, offering a realistic testing ground for your dApps and smart contracts.
  • Scalability Boost: Say goodbye to Goerli's gas-intensive ways. Sepolia's smoother operation lets you test with lower fees and faster transactions.
  • Active Development: Sepolia enjoys the full support of the Ethereum community, ensuring its features and functionality remain cutting-edge.

Switching To Sepolia Endpoints with Ankr RPC: A Breeze in Four Steps

Let's dive into the easy migration process on Ankr RPC:


  1. Head to Ankr's RPC service: Navigate to and log in to your account if necessary.
  2. Determine the RPCs your project is using: For blockchains like Ethereum, Optimism, Base, and others, you will see the option to toggle between Goerli and Sepolia to receive different endpoints.
  3. Copy the magic URL: Locate the "HTTPS Endpoint" field. This is the key to your new testing kingdom. Copy it to your clipboard, ready for deployment.
  4. Redeploy your smart contracts: Update your dApp code to replace the Goerli endpoint with the newly copied Sepolia URL. Redeploy your contracts, and voilà! You're testing on the cutting edge.

Pro Tips for a Smooth Transition:

  • Double-check your endpoints: Ensure you're replacing all instances of the Goerli endpoint URL with the Sepolia URL throughout your code.
  • Test thoroughly: Once redeployed, run thorough tests to verify your dApp functions flawlessly on the new testnet.
  • Stay informed: Keep an eye on Ankr's updates and the Ethereum community for any important announcements or developments related to Sepolia.

Find Your Free Sepolia ETH Faucet

Sepolia ETH, also known as testnet ETH or Sepolia test tokens, is the simulated currency used on the Sepolia testnet.

Find a list of Sepolia faucets here.

Why you’ll need Sepolia ETH:

  • Testing smart contracts and dApps: Devs use Sepolia ETH to pay for gas fees, which power transactions on the testnet. This allows them to test their smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) in a safe and inexpensive environment before deploying them to the mainnet.
  • Simulating real-world interactions: Sepolia ETH allows devs to simulate real-world interactions with their dApps, like sending and receiving funds, participating in governance proposals, and interacting with decentralized exchanges. This helps identify and fix bugs before they impact real users and their assets.
  • Stress testing and scalability evaluation: Devs can use Sepolia ETH to stress test their dApps under high load and evaluate their scalability before deploying on the mainnet. This helps ensure their applications can handle real-world demand.

Final Thoughts

Farewell, Goerli, and welcome, Sepolia! With Ankr RPC as your guide, this migration is a walk in the park. Go forth and conquer the new testnet frontier, building the future of Web3 with confidence and ease. Remember, the clock is ticking. Don't let your dApps get caught in the Goerli sunset. Migrate to Sepolia with Ankr RPC today and unlock the full potential of your testing environment!

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