Ankr’s Public RPCs: Instant Connections to Dozens of Chains

Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer

December 21, 2022

3 min read

In Brief


    Ankr provides the best blockchain RPC/API free tier with ungated community access, open-source developer tools, and connections that scale with you.

    Ankr’s Remote Procedure Call (RPC) services give developers the best blockchain connection experience possible — no matter if they are at a hackathon and need a quick Ethereum RPC endpoint or need to power their dApp with 100k users! Ankr provides a fast, reliable, and affordable connection to the blockchain of their choice.

    👉 Get Instant Access to Dozens of Blockchains

    Build With the Best Free Tier in the Industry

    With Ankr’s Public RPC service, you get instant, ungated access to use our RPC endpoints for dozens of the most popular Proof-of-Stake blockchains. Our free tier provides more accessibility for new developers who just want to get building and skip the B.S.

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    Switch Your MetaMask To Ankr’s Custom RPC for More Privacy

    Use our public RPC endpoints to give your wallet a connection to blockchains that is more private and secure:

    • Ankr stores no PII or have a method to correlate wallet transactions to IP addresses
    • Ankr never uses our RPC to front-run transactions (MEV exploitation on your transactions)
    • We continue to decentralize the RPC as much as possible while preserving quality service

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    Ankr’s Web3 Developer Tools: Public Goods for Everyone

    Ankr will never stop providing tools that make it easier for you to build on Web3. Our job is to streamline and simplify dApp development wherever possible.

    Connection Code Snippets: Use our integration assistant located below most endpoints to perform real-time tests to make the building process easier for a variety of programming languages.


    Ankr.js & Advanced APIs:Ankr.js is a compact JS library that lets you easily interact with Ankr’s Advanced APIs that let you query cached data for token info, NFT data, addresses, and more across several chains simultaneously.

    Software Development Kits: Our Web3 Gaming SDK makes it easy to make any game a Web3 game. And our Staking SDK makes it easy to give your dApp instant staking capabilities.

    Multi-chain Block Explorer: Ankr Scan was made for you to search for data across several different blockchains at once. Try it now by searching for your wallet address!

    1,000 Requests today, 8m Tomorrow: RPC Tiers That Scale With You

    Ankr’s RPC service plans are designed to scale with you from zero users to any amount of traffic you could dream of on your dApp. You can start with a free community plan, then switch to Premium once you scale to around 1M daily requests, while our Pay-As-You-Go model ensures you never overpay for a subscription for services.

    Check out our Premium Plans

    Brilliance In the Basics: Speed, Reliability, Global Distribution

    Ankr checks all the boxes when it comes to Web3 infrastructure. See why Ankr is leading the pack in all aspects developers care about when it comes to their RPC connections: speed, reliability, affordability, supported blockchains, user experience (UX), distribution, and decentralization. 👇

    Ankr Leads the Pack In Blockchain RPC/API Services: A Year of Outstanding Performance

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