10 Reasons AppChains Are the Best Choice for Building Web3 Games

Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer

February 8, 2023

4 min read


Video games have evolved beyond what most would have imagined in the year 2000. Of course, we all would have assumed that they would improve their graphics and realism, but as new technologies are born, they change the game in unforeseen ways. Massively multiplayer games, thanks to improved internet capabilities, made new gaming models like Free to Play games possible. Now the latest generation of the internet, Web3, has made a new model of gaming possible: Play to Earn, or “P2E.”

However, the blockchain mechanics that enabled these games have been relatively clunky compared with AAA console or PC games. This has led many avid P2E gamers to be more focused on the “earn” side of things rather than what has traditionally mattered most in gaming: having fun.

To build a game that provides full P2E and Web3 benefits with gameplay that’s just as smooth and fun as any normal video game, developers need a blockchain environment that can provide:

  • Blazing-fast transaction speeds
  • Always low (or zero) gas fees
  • Customizability for seamless on-chain interactions

Application-specific blockchains are becoming one of the most enticing choices for devs building crypto games due to their ability to provide the above benefits. This article will dive into even more reasons why Ankr AppChains offer a better way to build Web3 games.

10 Reasons To Build Your Web3 Game With Ankr AppChains

  • Faster and more efficient transactions: Application-specific blockchains have faster transaction times compared to general-purpose blockchains. This makes it possible for games to process transactions in real time, providing players with a more immersive and interactive gaming experience. The blockchain also reduces the likelihood of transactions being delayed or failed, making the game more reliable and enjoyable for players.

  • Upgradeable Security: Application-specific blockchains provide a secure platform for building crypto games. Transactions on the blockchain are processed through the consensus mechanism of your choosing, with customization available at every level – something that just isn’t possible on existing layer 1 or 2 chains.

  • Lower Gas Fees: Building crypto games on top of application-specific blockchains allows you to control the transactions and gas experience of your game. Players will be turned off by large fees every time they need to transact. This is something that is unavoidable on congested public networks. Offer gas fees that are negligible and don’t distract from enjoyability.

  • Ankr Gaming SDK: Allows developers to give any video game built with Unreal or Unity full crypto, blockchain, and Web3 functionality. Easily support Web3 wallets for in-game transactions, integrate NFT capabilities like minting, renting, and trading, detect and connect to multiple blockchains, launch and distribute in-game currency as tokens, and optimize games for Web3 on mobile.

  • Interoperability: Application-specific blockchains allow for easy interoperability between different games, platforms, and applications, especially within their parent ecosystems, such as Polygon or BNB Chain. This means that players can use their assets in multiple games, apps, and even DeFi platforms, increasing the value of their assets. This also creates a more seamless gaming experience for players, as they can easily transfer their assets from one game or platform to another.

  • Player ownership: All Web3 games are supposed to provide players with true ownership of their assets. AppChains make it easier to make that point matter. Players can easily trade, sell, stake, or hold their assets as they see fit, with the ability to participate in built-in platforms such as NFT marketplaces. This also gives players a sense of ownership and investment in the game, which can increase engagement and retention.

  • Increased transparency: Application-specific blockchains provide increased transparency for players, as all transactions are recorded on the blockchain. This makes it easier for players to track their assets and transactions, increasing their trust in the game. Additionally, the transparency of the blockchain allows for easier tracking and auditing of in-game activities, helping to ensure that the game remains fair and secure.

  • Seamless payments: With available customizations and mechanisms like silent signing, developers are able to automate all game transactions for seamless player experiences. This makes for a much more seamless in-game experience, just like any AAA game, with fewer distractions.

  • More Customization: AppChains allow for customization at every level in consensus mechanisms, programming languages, security features, infrastructure, and every other component that comes with engineering a blockchain. With Ankr AppChains, Ankr’s team helps you at every stage to choose the best options to optimize a chain to your application’s needs.

  • Chainscanner: The UI of Ankr AppChains provides an all-in-one window for interacting with the underlying AppChain of any Web3 game, including a: block explorer, staking interface, governance portal, information source, and much more.

Final Thoughts

These benefits make it possible to build games that are more immersive, rewarding, and fun for players. As the use of blockchain technology continues to grow, it is likely that more crypto games will be built on top of application-specific blockchains, offering players a new and exciting way to engage with their favorite games.

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