Year in Review: Ankr’s Growth and Impact In 2023

Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer

December 28, 2023

8 min read


2023 wasn't just a landmark year for Ankr – it kicked blockchain as a whole into warp drive, with Ankr strapped firmly in the captain's chair to lead the current “builder’s market.” We blasted through milestones, launched products that redefined Web3 accessibility, and fueled an abundance of innovative applications. It's like we built a starship for developers, and they’ve been busy exploring new galaxies of user experiences and terraforming new use cases from RWA tokenization to retail. This explosive growth isn't a passing wave – it's the ignition sequence for the next market cycle, where mass adoption by individuals and institutions will be empowered by a much more mature Web3 tech stack.

But even with our engines blazing toward the promising horizon of 2024, we’re taking the time to look back on the triumphs of the past year. Let's see how Ankr's relentless work has prepared us for the wild ride ahead.

Top Stats of 2023

Ankr’s flagship service soared higher than ever this year as we served a record number of RPC requests coming from tens of thousands of developers and dApps using Ankr. Here are some of the highlights:

Supported Blockchains

Ankr is proud to provide connections to an array of blockchains, allowing devs to build on any chain they wish.

45 chains

Top 10 Blockchains By RPC Requests

With one clear winner, it was quite a year for building on layer 2 scaling solutions.

recap 2.jpg

Overall yearly RPC Requests

Ankr powered a massive share of blockchain interactions coming from the Web3 economy.

2.1 trillion

New RPC connections in 2023

Ankr expanded our core RPC service dramatically, adding support for 22 new blockchains!

Highlighted new chains

recap 3.jpg

Full list of new chains on Ankr’s RPC

  1. Arbitrum Nova
  2. Base
  3. Chiliz
  4. Core
  5. Ethereum Beacon Chain
  6. Filecoin
  7. Flare
  8. Gnosis Beacon Chain
  9. Horizen
  10. Klaytn
  11. Linea
  12. Mantle
  13. Polygon zkEVM
  14. Rollux
  15. Scroll
  16. Secret network
  17. Sei
  18. Sui
  19. Tenet
  20. XDC
  21. ZetaChain
  22. zkSync era

Microsoft & Tencent Cloud Partnership Integrations

Early this year, Ankr partnered with Microsoft and Tencent Cloud to support enterprises needing access to blockchain data with reliable, easy-to-use node hosting services – a move that changed the game when it came to opening Web3 development to the world of Web2 devs. Ankr’s RPC Service and blockchain creation service are now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Tencent Cloud Marketplace.

These partnerships allow enterprises to:

  • Launch enterprise-grade blockchain nodes with custom specifications for global location, memory, and bandwidth according to their unique use cases.
  • Optimize data querying for high levels of speed and reliability on their choice of dozens of different blockchains with serverless functionality utilizing GeoIP, failovers, Caching Rules, and Monitoring.
  • Easily track the performance of their nodes anytime, anywhere. Enterprise RPC clients can access usage data and advanced telemetry across 45+ blockchains.
  • Deploy a dedicated sidechain network on ecosystems like Polygon, Avalanche, and BNB (Microsoft).

Products Launched To Drive Innovation In 2023

Ankr’s product team brought a variety of new offerings to market, providing missing infrastructure pieces developers needed to take Web3 to the next level.

Ultra-Sound Infrastructure

The Ultra Sound Infrastructure initiative launched a Node Partner Program to improve performance and efficiency for blockchain RPC connections across blockchain ecosystems. The program saw Ankr’s existing cloud provider partnerships beginning with Microsoft and Tencent Cloud, joining the network to offer our users the highest-quality and most distributed node network ever created.

Rollup as a Service

Ankr has launched its Rollup as a Service offering with the initial partners of Optimism and zkSync. Now, businesses and developers can quickly customize and deploy dedicated L2 rollups with ease. This service was born of an insatiable need for more L2 infrastructure as the scaling and execution layer

Ankr Verify

Our newest product, Ankr Verify, launched to offer any blockchain or decentralized application the ability to define requirements for entry or use thanks to zero-knowledge user identity verification. The product launched with clients Eclipse and Mina Protocol using the tech to advance user experience and compliance for Web3 apps deployed to their networks.

Ankr Automate

In July, Ankr Automate launched to transform the landscape of smart contract execution for Web3 apps. The tool allowed devs to do away with the manual execution of contracts in addition to the endless complexities and errors that come with DIY smart contract automation.

RPC Service “Projects” Feature

Our new Projects feature allows effortless project and endpoint management for our Premium and Enterprise users. Teams using this feature can create and delete projects, organize and monitor endpoints, whitelist IPs, manage security, and more to make developers’ lives easier.

A Rewarding Year for Ankr Staking

Just like the infrastructure side of our business, Ankr’s staking services saw significant growth. Ankr Staking expanded its TVL, added new tokens and functionality, and joined forces with EigenLayer.

Current TVL Stats

  • Ankr (ANKR): $8,159,039
  • Avalanche (AVAX): $795,345
  • Binance (BNB): $12,416,800
  • Ethereum (ETH): $59,020,455
  • Fantom (FTM): $345,843
  • Gnosis (GNO): $116,790
  • Polkadot (DOT): $218,671
  • Polygon (MATIC): $731,719

recap 4.png

Ankr Launches ETH Validator Hub

The Validator Hub enhances staking flexibility and control, enabling users to choose nodes for their assets depending on risk and APY. Slashing protection pools mitigate risk, reimbursing users if nodes get slashed, while the restaking feature provides a simple way to earn additional passive income through staking.

AnkrETH integrated as EigenLayer Liquid Staking Token

December 18th marked a pivotal day for ankrETH users, as they gained the opportunity to restake their tokens on EigenLayer. The integration is a major opportunity to expand Ankr Staking services within Ethereum's DeFi ecosytem, enabling new use cases for stakers.

Ankr to become an EigenLayer node Operator

Upon announcing the integration of ankrETH, as a Liquid Staking token usable on the ecosystem, we are proud to announce that Ankr will become a member of the restaking collective. As node operators, we enable stakers to delegate their tokens to us, allowing us to provide a range of services built upon EigenLayer.

Flash Unstake unlocks Ethereum LST liquidity in just 1 transaction

Despite staking being one of the most used DeFi strategies, the process of unstaking can be a cumbersome process with lengthy locking periods. Tackling this inefficiency, Ankr released a flash unstake feature that creates instant liquidity for LSTs.

Top Events Attended in 2023

recap 5.jpg

2023 was an amazing year for jet-setting as the Ankr team was busy flying around the world to participate in some of the most happening summits, blockchain expos, conferences, and events. Stay tuned to Ankr’s social media channels to find out where we’ll be heading in 2024!

Seismic Partnerships That Made Headlines

One of Ankr’s greatest strengths is maintaining our reputation as the most connected company in the Web3 ecosystem. 2023 was an outstanding year for partnerships as we shook hands with some of the best organizations in the industry.

Ankr and Mirage partnered to revolutionize the Web3 gaming landscape

Ankr's partnership with Mirage was a testament to our shared vision for one of the most longstanding and promising use cases of blockchain tech – decentralized gaming. By providing Mirage with the infrastructure and tools they need, we are helping to create a new generation of games that seamlessly integrate blockchain technology and open up exciting possibilities to players without UX sacrifices

Partnering with Chiliz to power Web3 sports & entertainment use cases

Ankr partnered with Chiliz to create an incredibly high-performance Web3 experience for sports fans the world over. With fast and seamless connections to the Chiliz Chain, developers can create next-generation sports applications that show users the unique benefits of blockchain and digital assets without a hitch.

Ankr, zkSync, and Homeless Ventures teamed up to launch hackathon

Ankr and HV share a common objective: to create a network of individuals that fosters groundbreaking solutions and drives innovation within the Web3 ecosystem. We have come together to provide the ideal environment for the brightest minds to develop their solutions. Ankr’s high-performance blockchain infrastructure, united with the professional experience and knowledge of HV, provides an extremely nurturing atmosphere for devs and early-stage blockchain projects.

Ankr & Luganodes joined forces to strengthen AppChain infrastructure

Luganodes has greatly expanded the available node resources for those building on ecosystems like Polygon Supernets and BNB Sidechains with Ankr’s Sidechain as a Service. Collaboration in this way is crucial in boosting the decentralization and performance of dedicated blockchain ecosystems.

Polygon tapped Ankr to become Supernets implementation partner

Ankr’s Sidechain as a Service offering became the infrastructure vendor and implementation partner for Polygon Supernets. Ankr offers an end-to-end engineering solution for creating application-specific blockchains, including Polygon Supernets, combining the best of security, throughput, and customizability.

Ankr partnered with TransFi to enable a fiat onramp for Sidechain/Rollup clients

By integrating with TransFi, we unlocked a wealth of new value for our Scaling Services products, equipping our clients with a powerful feature within their dApp or business that will attract the non-crypto experienced user base. With seamless fiat onramp /offramps, Ankr will empower our clients to build in a way that removes the barriers to entry that have hindered the widespread adoption of Web3.

Final Thoughts

The numbers speak for themselves – Web3 is speeding towards mainstream adoption, and Ankr is fueling the engines. But this isn't a spectator sport. Developers, creators, and builders of tomorrow, join us as we push the boundaries of what's possible. Together, let's make 2024 the year Web3 truly takes flight. Dive into our platform, explore our tools, and become an integral part of the Web3 revolution. The future is decentralized, and it's waiting for you!

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