Advanced APIs

Advanced APIs Overview

Advanced APIs is a unique premium feature that can be added to the AppChains package.

Advanced APIs is a specifically-tailored collection of JSON-RPC API endpoints built to support the most popular Web3 scenarios on multiple chains at almost instant speeds.


Advanced APIs optimize, index, cache, and store blockchain data to make it access-ready for you. To make things even better, our Advanced APIs support querying several blockchains in a single request.

Chains Supported

Currently, Advanced APIs feature is implemented for the following chains:

  • BAS Bomb Chain (Mainnet/Testnet)
  • BAS Meta Apes Chain (Mainnet/Testnet)

API Methods Supported

Query our Advanced APIs for AppChains at the following URL:

Check out the latest Advanced APIs for various Web3 scenarios:


NFT API Methods serve to request NFT-related data across multiple chains:

Query API

Query API Methods serve to request info on the ranges of blocks (max range is 100) for a full list of block metadata:

Token API

Token API Methods serve to request token-related data across multiple chains: