Block Explorer

Block explorer

Track and analyze addresses, transactions, and blocks on your AppChain.

Why do I need a block explorer?

Block explorers are crucial for development, making it possible to test transactions, and see their results in real time. Even in the early testnet phase, you’ll need a block explorer to build.

Pick a chain

Block explorers function roughly the same way, though each is tailored for the specific blockchain that it tracks (think "Etherscan for your blockchain").

Determine your block explorer needs

Option 1 (experienced Web3 developers)

Ankr gives you access to our block explorer codebase and so you can create your own DIY version to your exact specifications. This option does not include SLA support.

Option 2 (new Web3 users)

Ankr builds you a block explorer that’s integrated with our multi-chain block explorer, Ankr Scan. Interact with your own AppChain, as well as with other Ankr Scan-supported networks. This option includes full SLA support from Ankr engineering.

Option 3 (new Web3 users and special high-traffic use cases)

Ankr builds a custom block explorer from scratch specifically for your AppChain. Using the Blockscout codebase, your dedicated block explorer will serve only your AppChain, and comes with full SLA support from Ankr’s engineering team.

Set up your block explorer, start testing your AppChain

Whichever option you choose, Ankr is ready to give you the right block explorer to suit your particular AppChain use case — so you can get to work testing and launching your network.