Staking UI

Staking UI interface

Enable users to stake your token to your AppChain through a simple, elegant UI interface.

What is Ankr’s staking UI interface?

Ankr offers a dedicated pathway for your token holders to stake their assets with validators on your AppChain with an easy-to-use interface.

Why does my AppChain need a staking UI?

Like any Proof-of-Stake blockchain, AppChains need validators to stake native tokens in order to participate in securing the network and adding new blocks. With a simple staking interface, it’s easy for your token holders to delegate their stake to validators of your AppChain network.

The more assets are staked, the more secure your AppChain becomes, and the more attractive it is to CEXs that are interested in potentially listing your token for trading.

How does staking UI work?

Ankr either provides integration with our existing staking platform, or our engineers can build a custom staking platform from scratch for your AppChain, depending on your needs.

Option 1

Ankr offers integration with the Ankr Staking platform so that AppChain users can easily stake tokens from the AppChain using our smart contract.

Option 2

Ankr creates a new delegated staking platform so that AppChain users can easily stake tokens through a dedicated interface. Choose from three different locations for the staking UI:

  1. On your AppChain website.
  2. On a shared website for AppChain staking built by Ankr.
  3. Have staking built into your AppChain’s dedicated block explorer.