TestNet Faucet

Testnet token faucet

Provide free testnet tokens for developers building on your AppChain.

What is a testnet?

Testnets act like a sandbox where developers can test out features before they go live. They are a proving ground for your blockchain and application where you can discover bugs and any unforeseen glitches by testing and experimenting without risk to real funds or the mainnet.

Why do I need a testnet for my AppChain?

It's essential to run plenty of demos to test for bugs before launching your project. To do this, dApps need a testnet (and testnet tokens) readily available for users to interact with and send to and from wallet addresses.

What is a testnet token faucet?

Faucet tools allow users to provide their public addresses and receive tokens to interact with your testnet. A testnet token faucet is necessary for developers to build (and test) on an AppChain.

How does the testnet faucet work?

Anyone with access to your testnet will be able to visit the faucet and provide their wallet address to receive testnet tokens. Spending these tokens on transactions and gas, they can interact with your AppChain testnet — making sure things work as intended. This helps bring your projects one step closer to mainnet launch.

How does Ankr build your testnet token faucet?

Each testnet token faucet needs to be built from scratch. Ankr creates the testnet token faucet for you — the fastest and easiest way — so developers can start deploying smart contracts and testing the network. It includes full SLA and support from Ankr’s engineering team.

Ankr creates your testnet token faucet early in the AppChain process so you can start deploying smart contracts and tooling with the customization of your blockchain features ASAP.