Exchange-Readiness Program

Exchange-Readiness program

Leverage Ankr’s industry expertise to prepare to apply for exchange listings.

Why trust Ankr?

Ankr has long-standing relationships with many popular CEXs and has helped to position several partner projects for success in the Web3 industry. Ankr will expertly advise AppChain teams to help them complete the technical due diligence process with exchanges.

What’s included in the Exchange-Readiness program?

Ankr will use its experience and relationships to make sure you have the best chance of getting your tokens listed on major exchanges the first time. Included in the program is:

  • An exchange-readiness scorecard that outlines the best practices and requirements for each facet of your blockchain that exchanges will be evaluating.
  • Support from Ankr’s team to identify any weak points in your tokenomics, blockchain, documentation, or any other items before pitching exchanges.
  • Ankr’s assistance in vouching for infrastructure and adoption statistics with extensive on-chain data, and RPC and validation metrics.

Why is the Exchange-Readiness program so valuable?

Ankr is the only infrastructure provider that offers guidance for the listing process from our extensive experience listing tokens that belong to our own projects and those of partners. Ankr makes it faster and easier to take care of all the due diligence behind token listing.

The Exchange-Readiness program is the final step in our AppChain as a Service offering that is built to ensure you can get to market with as much industry support as possible.