• App Chains
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Serving developers and web3 consumers alike, App Chains are dedicated blockchains that serve only one dApp — yours.

Ankr helps you develop, launch, & operate those chains, and you deliver enhanced Web3 experiences to your users.

What is the value of App Chains?

App Chains offers plug and play tools for developers to build their dApps fast.

The 5 App Chain building blocks to customize the chain to the builder's exact specs ensures they give their users low, near zero, gas fees, blazing-fast transactions, security, and a pleasing experience that works as intended every time.

Why use an App Chain?

For ultimate scalability:

No more competing with other projects for traffic on crowded blockchains — keeping your transactions fast, your fees low, and your users happy.

For customized control:

  • Configure your own consensus mechanism
  • Choose your own development frameworks and programming languages
  • Determine your very own fine-tuned balance between speed and security

Is an App Chain right for me?

App Chains may be the ideal development solution if you:

  1. Need help transitioning from Web2 to Web3 and want to own your infrastructure
  2. Want to own your ecosystem without building it from scratch
  3. Have an existing Web3 project looking to onboard your next billion users
  4. Are limited by current L1s and L2s
  5. Have a high-throughput use case needing to process lots of transactions
  6. Have Web3 games that need wallet integration and marketplaces for in-game assets

How can I build an App Chain?

Despite all their benefits, App Chains can be difficult to build and launch which is why Ankr’s expertise and setup service is so crucial for helping users get their App Chains off the ground and into Web3.

There are 6 main technical features that you’ll need to get started with your App Chain:

Through Ankr’s App Chain program, you have several options for each of these components — being able to choose from building certain pieces yourself with our provided instructions and support, or going hands-off and letting us take care of all the technical legwork for you.

You’ll also have access to Ankr’s Exchange-Readiness program in which we use our immense industry experience to help you prepare to apply for token listings on major exchanges.