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Product pricing plans

📌 Build v2 pricing

Public RPCs and Premium Plan

v2 Protocol Pricing
FeaturePublic RPCsPremium RPCs
Full and Archive Data
Advanced API
Rate limitLimited during high trafficUnlimited
Requests per daySoft limit of 1M requests per dayUnlimited requests
ConnectionHTTPSHTTPS and WebSockets
LatencyUS / EU Based nodesGlobal node coverage
SupportDiscord SupportCustom SLA
TermsNo ContractNo Contract
CostFREEContact us

📌 Build v1 - API services & nodes

We offer 5 flexible options and pricing plans to suit all budgets and requirements.

API pricing plan

v1 Pricing
Monthly CostFREE$49$224$399$799$2500+
Rate limit per second2020060012002400500+ (scales to 10,000)
Requests per day170,0001,000,0005,000,00010,000,00020,000,000Unlimited
Requests per month in millions5.1m30m150m300m600mUnlimited
Archive Mode (Historical Data)NoNoNo✅YES✅YES✅YES
TermsNo ContractNo ContractNo ContractNo ContractNo ContractContract Required

Archive node services can only be used on the Pro, Growth, and Enterprise plans.