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Development tools


Faucet is a base infrastructure component of Ankr AppChains implemented in Chainscanner.

A faucet is available for Testnet. It allows you to get free assets for your Testnet and set up or test out your AppChain to perfection, running transactions between addresses or calling smart contracts.

Currently, Ankr provides a faucet only for AppChains on BOMB Testnet.

Use faucet

Connect your wallet

To connect your wallet:

  1. Visit the Chainscanner's dashboard (opens in a new tab) (preselected meta-apes network).
  2. Select a network to access. The selection popup shows you Mainnet networks.
    To see available Tesnet networks, click on Access Testnets. Select a network
  3. Click Connect wallet in the top-right corner. Click Connect wallet
  4. In your MetaMask, select an account to connect and click Next, then click Connect.

Get Testnet tokens

To get some free Testnet assets for testing your BOMB-based AppChain:

  1. Visit the Chainscanner's dashboard (opens in a new tab) (preselected bomb-testnet network). If you're on another network, click the network selection menu, click Access Testnets, and then click BOMB Money Testnet.
  2. Click Faucet. Click Faucet
  3. Enter your address from an BOMB Testnet-based AppChain, click Give me Native Token and click any of the available options: 1000, 2500, or 6250.
  4. Check your address to see the issued Testnet tokens.