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Ankr vision

At Ankr we believe that Web 3.0 and the crypto economy should be available to anyone and everyone on the planet with access to the internet.

  • We want to empower mass adoption in the Web 3.0 (r)evolution underpinning Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

  • We want to liberate people from complexity with user-friendly tools that enable easy participation.

  • We want to remove the barriers to participation in the crypto economy for both individuals and organizations alike.

What is Ankr?

Ankr Web 3.0 infrastructure | Blockchain nodes & APIs | Ankr

Ankr is a Web 3.0 infrastructure provider. We offer a globally distributed network of nodes for multi-chain access across 40+ blockchains.

Ankr makes accessing Web 3.0 easy. We offer distributed, multi-cloud blockchain infrastructure for one-click node deployment and management as well as instant API access to major blockchains and DeFi protocols for developers.

Built on top of this multi-chain node foundation, the Ankr platform provides one-click node deployment and management as well as instant API access to all the major blockchains and protocols.

Ankr simplifies building and earning on the blockchain for individuals, developers and enterprises.

Why Ankr?

The Ankr team has deep expertise in enabling services like node hosting and API access.

In 2017, Ankr founders pioneered the harnessing of cloud computing power left idle in data centers all over the world and reallocating it to enabling services like node hosting and API access. The ANKR token was introduced as a payment method for services and became one of the top 20 traded tokens on Coinbase.

Ankr built a unique niche for itself as the only platform that combines node infrastructure and staking with DeFi to make developing and earning easy setting the stage for Ankr Staking.

The team has since launched 25,000+ nodes on 50+ blockchains and processes over $1 billion in crypto transactions every month, serving more than 10 million unique users.

Ankr has continued to innovate and evolve its product offering in response to customer demand.

Key principles

⛓ Chain neutrality

🌍 Full decentralization

🕸 Web 3.0 infrastructure

How we work to achieve this Vision

Users & community first by design

We put the needs of users and the community at the forefront of our technology development. We create products and services that we know people want, we design our ecosystem offerings to be pleasurable and easy to engage with.

Removing complexity

We work to simplify the complexity of blockchain and DeFi by providing the following: a) Robust web 3.0 multi-chain infrastructure that enables reliable, accurate communication and integration with multiple blockchains. b) One-click Staking solutions that enable you to start earning rewards with minimal effort.

Building an inclusive Web 3.0 blockchain infrastructure

We want to empower developers with easy to use tools, services and interfaces to a multi-chain environment.

Ankr approach

Chain neutrality

Ankr is a single platform that provides multiple different chains without advocating for any particular chain over another.


NOTE: This is also known as Blockchain Agnosticism.

As a multi-chain provider, Ankr is chain neutral; we don’t advocate for our users to adopt any particular chain in preference to another.

Ankr users have to choose between networks and the ecosystem. One consideration is whether they want users to hold crypto assets on ETH (ERC20) or BNB Chain (BEP20) and what the implications are. A user holding USDT - the ERC20 version - cannot easily buy a NFT being sold with USDT, the BEP20 version.

Ankr is at the forefront of addressing these limitations. By working closely with developers, Ankr has pioneered the building of tools for cross-chain interoperability.

Full decentralization

Decentralization is a corner stone of Ankr's purpose.

It is the heart and driving force of Ankr.

Ankr has launched over 15,000 nodes globally that support a thriving ecosystem of over 50 Proof-of-Stake blockchains. This infrastructure is fundamental to the provision of tools for a rapidly growing community of Web 3.0 developers.

Through cloud computing, Ankr links together servers to create on-demand resources for those building decentralized apps, protocols, and smart contracts that contribute to a more connected and democratized version of the web.

Ankr’s startup idea (and first whitepaper) sought to use idle processing power in data centers to build an open-source cloud called the DCCN or “distributed cloud computing network”. In this initial model, a user could run any application on the ANKR decentralized cloud service.

Since then, Ankr has evolved to focus exclusively on serving the crypto economy with decentralized access to nodes for multiple use cases.

  • Our nodes are distributed across independent third party data centers across multiple geographic locations.

  • We never use centralized public cloud providers — other API providers typically use a centralized service like AWS.

  • As a crypto and blockchain native company, Ankr is self-funded. We are not beholden to investors, we are completely driven by our community. This is paramount to avoiding the domination of a few players.

  • The Community owns and secures the service.

We are on a path towards being a DAO.

Ankr is on a solid pathway towards being governed by its community through the ANKR DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Institutional investors will not be allowed to buy up the majority of tokens, hence ensuring the community is in power.

Web 3.0 infrastructure protocol

Web 3.0 - the next generation of internet

Mass adoption of Web 3.0 by individuals, developers and enterprises is key to securing the next stage of the internet. The third generation of the internet is here but still under construction. The Web 3.0 movement refers to the building of an internet of decentralized networks that no single entity controls. It is a movement away from the centralized corporations that currently dominate the web and profit from the data users generate.

The key innovation of these networks is the creation of platforms that no single entity controls, yet everyone can still trust. The more participation on these networks - the greater the security for everybody.

Blockchain technology underlies the decentralization that is essential to the formation of Web 3.0 because it is open, trustless and permissionless. Decentralization and the enablement of value transfers between peers are the key building blocks of Web 3.0.

Ankr provides Web 3.0 infrastructure for individuals, developers, and enterprises.

Ankr Build products

Ankr Build offers developers simplified, reliable and cost-effective blockchain solutions that leave you free to focus efforts on building applications.

Ankr Protocol

The (r)evolutionary Ankr protocol brings increasing definition to Ankr’s vision of Web 3.0 mass adoption. Ankr Protocol provides reliable, load balanced access to node clusters from anywhere in the world. Ankr Protocol features

  • Open access to a Public RPC API layer
  • Premium endpoint access
  • Flexible Node Providing options

Ankr Scan

Ankr Scan is a Multi-Chain Explorer allowing to view assets across chains as well as assigned to a specific wallet address.

API Services (v1)

  • Free Tier with scaling as you go.
  • 45+ EVM-compatible blockchains
  • Enterprise-grade connectivity.

Node Services (v1)

Full/Archive and Validator/Staking nodes are available for 50+ chains.


Available UNLESS superseded by API services and/or Ankr Protocol.

Ankr Staking products

The Ankr Staking platform seeks to enable user-friendly staking innovative products to allow more people to participate in decentralized finance.

Our staking solutions open the gates for more crypto users to support Proof of Stake networks directly with:

Liquid Staking

Liquid Staking: Solving capital inefficiency of Proof-of-Stake

Delegate Staking: stake without smart contract risk.

Parachain Liquid Crowdloan:

Solve the capital inefficiency of Parachain slot auctions.

Bond KSM/DOT to your preferred project during Parachain Slot Auctions and receive portable liquid crowdloan token.


Ankr DeFi can support you with finding use cases for liquidity tokens and assets.

Ankr Bridge

Ankr Bridge brings Liquid Staking to multiple chains. Participate in cross-chain staking, more yield opportunities across multiple chains and cross-chain arbitrage opportunities.

Ankr Switch

Ankr Switch enables the exchange of Liquid Staking tokens. Switch between reward earning tokens and reward bearing tokens for the same asset for better liquidity.