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How to buy ANKR Tokens

The easiest way to buy ANKR Tokens is probably via a Centralized Exchange (CEX) If you want to swap a base crypto asset for ANKR then checkout How to Swap assets for ANKR.

What CEX's can I buy ANKR Tokens from?

You can buy ANKR Tokens from a number of Centralized Exchanges (CEX’s):

For example: Binance, Kraken, Gemini,


NOTE: Buying ANKR on some exchanges is not available in certain countries

This guide explains how to buy ANKR tokens from Binance.

01 Create a free account on the Binance website or the app.

Check out Binance website

02 Verify your account by registering

Verification depends on your location. View this Binance guide

03 Choose how you want to buy Ankr(ANKR)

Click on the “Buy Crypto” link on the top left of the Binance website navigation, which will show the available options in your country.

Make a Fiat Deposit by card, Deposit another Crypto Asset and pay with that. Use a Credit Card, Make a bank transfer of fiat.


NOTE: These fund/payment options may vary depending on your location.

04 Buy the desired amount of ANKR

Ensure you buy enough to cover fees.

05 Transfer ANKR from Binance to MetaMask

Install MetaMask

If you need to install MetaMask

1 Head over to

2 Download and install the MetaMask version compatible with your browser.

3 After it's finished downloading click 'Get Started' and follow the sequence.


  1. Link your MetaMask wallet to your Binance account.

  2. Start your withdrawal/transfer process by heading towards the Fiat And Spot section of your Binance Account.


The ANKR Contract Address is viewable on Etherscan.

ANKR Token Contract Address: 0x8290333cef9e6d528dd5618fb97a76f268f3edd4

06 Add ANKR tokens to your MetaMask wallet

  1. Sign in to your wallet.

  2. Click 'Import tokens'.

    import tokens
  3. Select the 'Custom token' tab and complete the fields as follows:

    Token Address: 0x8290333cef9e6d528dd5618fb97a76f268f3edd4

    Token Symbol: ANKR

    Token of Precision: 18 (how many decimal places it can go down to).

    custom token fields
  4. Click 'Import' to add to your wallet and view your ANKR tokens.