Liquid Staking

Release time

If you decide to unstake, the waiting period will depend on what network you chose when staking:

  • For MATIC Liquid Staking on Ethereum, it can take up to 3-4 days before you can claim your funds. Throughout this period, your MATIC will continue to earn staking rewards.
  • For MATIC Liquid Staking on Polygon, the unstake is fast, as what happens is your Liquid Staking token gets swapped for MATIC in a liquidity pool on Polygon.

Unstake MATIC

If you're unstaking on Polygon, a 0.5% technical service fee is deducted from the unstaking amount.

  1. Open Ankr Staking Dashboard (opens in a new tab).
  2. Locate the ankrMATIC (ex-aMATICc) box and click the - icon to unstake. Click the minus icon
  3. Enter the desired amount to unstake and click Unstake. Click unstake
  4. Confirm the unstaking transaction in MetaMask. Confirm transaction in MetaMask
  5. On the next Unstake in progress page, click Go to dashboard. Click Go to dashboard

Once transaction is confirmed, Ankr Staking Dashboard updates to show Unstaking in progress at the token box.

For unstaking on Ethereum, the withdrawal period is 80 epochs and more depending on the network congestion. Typically, it takes around 1–2 days to receive your MATIC. Following the withdrawal period, your MATIC balance updates in your wallet and the Ankr Staking dashboard automatically.
For unstakig on Polygon, no withdrawal period applies, and you receive your MATIC instantly.