Card Payment Activation

The card payment flow is unavailable for common users until the end of the Beta-testing stage.

Hi, dear user. We've implemented a card payment functionality for those who prefer things old-school. We know there are still some tweaks to be done about the flow to make it smooth, so here is the step-by-step guide for you to ease the path:

  1. First things first, check your inbox for the Ankr Card Payment email.
    Follow the link in it to get things rolling.

    Card payment email
  2. You find yourself in the Add your Email dialog.
    We've already got your address filled in — just click Submit.

    Add email
  3. Now, you have to verify the email address submitted — go back to your inbox, find the one from Ankr, and click the button to confirm the specified email belongs to you.

    Card payment email
  4. You find yourself prompted by MetaMask as we use it to sign in to Premium Account:

    • Click Provide — to use your public key for token encryption.
    • Click Sign — to confirm interactions with our platform.
  5. You find yourself on the Settings pane. Yeah, we know that it's kinda weird, but you're already here, so these are your options:

    • [Optional step]: If you'd like to use some other email address for your Premium Account, click Change Email, provide a new one, and then verify it via the link sent to the address specified, which will eventually land you once again to this same pane — Settings.
    • [Required step]: If you feel quite right about using the current email address, just move to Billing, clicking it in Sidebar.
  6. Now, you're on the Billing pane.
    Here, you have to interact exclusively with the Top Up Balance block (far right):

    • Make sure the toggle is set to USD and click Top Up.
  7. Congrats — you've come to a standard Card Payment page!
    Just enter the fields and click Pay to get things done.

    Stripe payment

That's the whole story to the card payment activation. We're working to make the flow smoother, but right now if you follow the guide step by step, you'll be all right.