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Solana is an open source project implementing a high-performance, permissionless blockchain.

The Solana architecture combines a set of software algorithms to remove software as a performance bottlenecks and allow transaction throughput to scale proportionally with network bandwidth. As a result, the Solana blockchain is scalable, secure and decentralized.

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Connect wallet

Solana is not evm-compatible and therefore MetaMask cannot currently be configured to work with Solana.

Solana does support several types of wallets via usage of the the Solana native command-line app as well as wallets from third-parties.

For developers, command-line wallets are recommended as new features on the Solana blockchain are supported on the command line first before being integrated into third-party solutions.

Integrate CLI

Solana uses it's own command-line tools to interact with a Solana cluster.

Solana provides easy to follow guidance in their documentation on how to install and use Solana Command Line (CLI) tools.