Ankr Scaling Services are Ankr's matured vision of delivering blockchain services, combining the principles of Web2 SAAS model and inspiration of Azure's marketplace with the innovation of the blockchain realm.

Service model of Ankr Scaling Services

Ankr Scaling Services are designed to be flexible and adaptable to cater the needs of various Web3 projects, evolving into an all-encompassing platform for blockchain creation.

Seeing how rollups, particulary zk- and Optimism, have become pivotal in scaling Ethereum and other blockchains, we have decided to add them to our existing sidechain solution. We also revised our selling model according to the current blockchain community needs and now offer two core SAAS services and a future marketplace:

  1. Rollups as a service
  2. Sidechains as a service
  3. Developer marketplace (coming later)

The first two services constitute the infrastructural backbone of a successful Web3 project. Any additional capabilities can be found on the future Marketplace with a growing collection of plug-and-play services, both from Ankr and third-parties.

This approach unburdens Web3 projects and lets them get what they want at the right time, saving the costs and time.

Who needs Ankr Scaling Services?

Think of Ankr Scaling Services as a place where large enterprises and startup developers can paint their distinctive visions.

Ankr Scaling Services goe beyond a mere scaling solution. Instead, it creates a platform where every building nuance, requirement, and specification finds its bespoke solution.

Each user group with its different needs can apply Ankr Scaling Services in different development scenarios.


Need: Seek scalable, efficient blockchain systems for diversifying offerings and enhancing user experience.

Solution: Ankr Scaling Services provide them with customized rollups and sidechains tailored to their specific use-cases.

Use cases:

  • Optimism rollups for a FinTech firm: they want faster TPS with low fees; they use rollups to process micro-transactions at scale without congestion issues.
  • BNB Sidechain for a retail chain : they want to reward customers with crypto tokens; they use a BNB sidechain for fast transaction times and full customization.
  • Private scaling solution for enterprises: large-scale enterprises demand bespoke solutions.


Need: A one-stop-shop for advanced blockchain tools to expedite and simplify development processes.

Solution: Ankr Scaling Services future developer marketplace (Ankr- and third-party-built).

Use cases:

  • Ankr's Advanced API: developers need unique functionality in their dApps; they use AAPI as a robust and stable gateway to access this functionality.
  • Digiveriff: developers need to add a KYC solution into their project; they use a ready-to-use ZK KYC system from a renown and trustworthy source.
  • Third-party Solutions: developers need a solution for higher security in their dApps; they use Cubist's custodial solution.

Sidechains vs rollups

Sidechains and rollups, as the two core SAAS services of Ankr Scaling Services, leverage different advantages.

Sidechains provide customized blockchains for specific applications or ecosystems. They offer flexibility, allowing developers to determine transaction rules, consensus models, and governance structures.

Rollups function as secondary layers atop existing blockchains, primarily Ethereum. Rollups enhance scalability by providing infrastructure services to rollup solutions allowing them to process transactions off-chain and then bundling and committing them to the main chain in periodic intervals. This system effectively boosts transaction speeds without overloading the primary network.

With Ethereum processing an average of 30 TPS, it's clear that scaling solutions are vital. Sidechains and rollups are vying for this space, each promising enhanced transaction speeds and efficiencies. Offering both, we are maximizing our service potential and ensuring that clients don't have to make an "either-or" choice.