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Are there any risks from staking, like slashing or penalties?

When you stake with Ankr as the Node Provider, ANKR token staking does not involve any slashing or other penalties. However, future additional options with other Node Providers may involve some risks, depending on the provider.

Is staking ANKR compatible for all ANKR token types: ERC-20, BEP-2, and BEP-20?

As of now, staking ANKR is only available on ERC-20.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of ANKR I can stake?

  • Minimum — 1000 ANKR.
  • Maximum — unlimited.

When can I unstake?

After the locking period of 84–91 days, which begins after you stake, you’ll be able to unstake your tokens and/or claim/restake your rewards.

How long does it take to unstake my ANKR?

The unstaking process takes two steps:

  1. Undelegate period that lasts one next epoch, which is one next week after your unstaking operation. So, it can taken take 7–14 days, e.g. 14 days if you unstake on Monday, 13 — on Tuesday, and so on.
  2. Once the undelegate period has ended, you can claim your unstaked ANKR.

What if I want to stake more after already staking some ANKR?

For each staking transaction, a new locking period will apply, i.e. each new stake will be locked for 84–91 days before you can unstake it and/or claim/restake rewards for it.

How soon after staking will I begin to receive rewards?

Rewards accumulate on the weekly basis.

How often will I be able to claim my rewards?

As rewards accumulate on the weekly basis, you'll be able to claim them once a week.

Can I stake with Ledger if I connect it with MetaMask?

Yes, you can.

What is restaking rewards?

You can choose to reinvest your staking rewards to get higher APY, i.e. restake them.

If I restake my rewards, will these have a locking period as well? And of how many days?

Staking your rewards without claiming them is considered a regular staking transaction and will have the usual locking period of 84–91 days.

If I don’t unstake after the locking period is over, will I continue to earn staking rewards?

Yes. You will continue to collect rewards until you unstake.

Must rewards be claimed from the Ankr website, or will they be automatically sent to the supplying wallet?

Rewards must be claimed from the Ankr website.