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Stake ANKR token

Before you start


Ensure the following:

  • You are using a Chrome Browser.
  • You have a MetaMask wallet.

Purchase ANKR

  1. Visit 1Inch ETH to ANKR swap page and swap ETH for the desired amount of ANKR tokens.

Connect your wallet

  1. Visit Ankr Staking.
  2. Click Connect wallet in the top-right corner of the page and choose MetaMask; approve connecting if needed.
  3. If you're on a different network, you may be prompted to switch to the correct one. Click Switch network on the page, then allow MetaMask to switch to it.
  4. Successful connection to Ankr Staking is indicated at top right corner by the address of wallet you connected.

You will need to make the following interactions in your wallet:

👍 Grant access to grant access to your wallet.

👍 Approve to add a new network.

👍 Switch network to switch to the correсt network.

Stake ANKR


Make sure you have some ETH to pay the gas fee for your staking transaction.

Currently, ANKR can only be staked on Ethereum. If you have ANKR on any other chains, please bridge it first to stake it.

You can claim or restake your rewards after the locking period of 84–91 days. This period applies to each staking transaction independently. However, your stake will keep generating rewards until you unstake, whether or not the locking period has ended.

  1. Visit Ankr Staking.
  2. In the Delegated staking section, click Stake under ANKR.
  3. Enter the desired amount of ANKR to stake (min. amount is 1000 ANKR).
  4. Choose a Node Provider (currently only Ankr; more providers in future releases).
  5. Click Approve to approve Ankr Staking access to your ANKR.
  6. Confirm approving access in MetaMask.
  7. Click Stake to send your delegated stake to the chosen Node Provider.
  8. Confirm the transaction in MetaMask.
  9. On the stake progress page, click Go to dashboard to see the staked ANKR. You may need to wait a little for the transaction to finalize and Ankr Staking Dashboard to automatically update.