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Stake mGNO token

To stake mGNO, you'll need to:

  1. Purchase GNO on Ethereum.
  2. Bridge GNO to Gnosis.
  3. Swap the bridged GNO to mGNO.
  4. Connect your wallet at Ankr Staking.
  5. Stake mGNO at Ankr.

Before you start


Ensure the following:

  • You are using a Chrome Browser.
  • You have a MetaMask wallet.

Purchase GNO

Visit one of the recommended DEXs and swap your assets for the desired amount of GNO tokens.



You'll need a small amount of xDai for gas fees while depositing GNO and staking mGNO.

Bridge purchased GNO to Gnosis Chain

Your obtained GNO is likely to be the Ethereum Mainnet GNO version. To use it on Gnosis, you'll need to bridge it to Gnosis Chain.

Swap the bridged GNO to mGNO


Gas fees and liquidity restrictions

Make sure you have some xDai to pay the gas fee for your depositing transaction.

Remember that mGNO will remain locked and illiquid until ~Q4 2023 max. This is due to Gnosis plans to enable withdrawals in the Shanghai upgrade. Shanghai is planned in 6–12 months from The Merge that is expected in ~Q3/Q4 2022.

The original Gnosis deposit instructions contain a wrong link in Step 1, so read the fixed version below.

To swap your bridged GNO:

  1. Go to https://gbc-deposit-old.herokuapp.com/ and connect your web3 wallet toGnosis on the application.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Select the Swap tab. Enter the amount you would like to convert and click Convert. You can convert any amount, be sure to start with a leading 0 to convert less than 1 GNO. For example, 0.1 GNO will be converted to 3.2 mGNO.
  4. Sign 2 transactions in your wallet. The first is a free signature request to allow the application to make the conversion. The second processes the transaction. This will require a small amount of xDai to complete.
  5. The transaction should be initiated and completed within a few seconds. Once completed you can click the link to see the tx in BlockScout and add mGNO to your MetaMask wallet. The mGNO contract address is 0x722fc4DAABFEaff81b97894fC623f91814a1BF68.

When done, you're ready to stake your mGNO at Ankr.

Connect your wallet at Ankr Staking

  1. Visit Ankr Staking.
  2. Click Connect wallet in the top-right corner of the page and choose MetaMask; approve connecting if needed.
  3. If you're on a different network, you may be prompted to switch to the correct one. Click Switch network on the page, then allow MetaMask to switch to it.
  4. Successful connection to Ankr Staking is indicated at top right corner by the address of wallet you connected.

You will need to make the following interactions in your wallet:

👍 Grant access to grant access to your wallet.

👍 Approve to add a new network.

👍 Switch network to switch to the correсt network.

Stake mGNO


Micropool and gas fees

Your stake does not immediately gets staked on Gnosis. Gnosis accepts stakes with minumum 1 GNO (32 mGNO). To bypass this and accept your stake if it's lower than 1 GNO, we created a micropool that accumulates user stakes. Once it has 1 GNO, we stake it with Gnosis.

Make sure you have some xDai to pay the gas fee for your staking transaction.

  1. Visit Ankr Staking.
  2. In the Delegated staking section, click Stake under mGNO.
  3. Enter the desired amount of mGNO to stake.
  4. Choose a Node Provider (currently only Ankr; more providers in future releases).
  5. Click Approve to approve Ankr Staking access to your mGNO.
  6. Confirm approving access in MetaMask.
  7. Click Stake to send your delegated stake to the chosen Node Provider.
  8. Confirm the transaction in MetaMask.
  9. On the stake progress page, click Go to dashboard to see the staked mGNO. You may need to wait a little for the transaction to finalize and Ankr Staking Dashboard to automatically update.