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Avalanche Liquid Staking

What and why is Avalanche Liquid Staking?

Ankr Staking offers Avalanche token holders the opportunity to stake AVAX and in return claim Ankr Avalanche Liquid Staking tokens — aAVAXb and aAVAXc.

  • aAVAXb is a reward-earning token, meaning that rewards from AVAX staking will be distributed daily through rebasing and aAVAXb holders' balance in their wallet will increase on a daily basis.
  • aAVAXc is a reward-bearing token, meaning that the fair value of 1 aAVAXc token vs. AVAX increases over time as staking rewards accumulate.

Audit details

AVAX Liquid Staking smart contracts have undergone an external audit by Beosin Blockchain Security:

Smart contracts

For information on AVAX Liquid Staking smart contracts, visit AVAX development details.


Market liquidity

aAVAXb is tradable on the following Decentralized Exchanges on Avalanche network:

aAVAXc is tradable in Ankr DeFi.

Access Instant Liquidity Pools

  • Ankr token holders can soon gain access to instant liquidity pools. This allows them to sell 1 aAVAXb against 1 AVAX instantly and subject to the instant liquidity pool capacity.

  • 3% of the allocated AVAX tokens to Ankr Staking will not be staked and will remain unstaked.

  • aAVAXb/aAVAXc holders indirectly bear the cost of the instant liquidity pool, which will represent 3% of the staking rewards due to the missed opportunity to stake AVAX. Therefore, the total cost for aAVAXb/aAVAXc holders will be 2% service fee, plus 3% missed opportunity to stake AVAX, which equals 4.94% (no service fee applied to 3% instant liquidity pool).