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How to stake ETH

Connect your wallet


BE SURE to select the ‘Ethereum Mainnet’ network in your wallet. Otherwise you get an error message.

  1. Visit Ankr Staking and click Stake in the product menu.

  2. Locate the Ethereum (ETH) box and click Stake at old version in it.

  3. You are prompted to grant Ankr Staking access to your wallet. Click Grant Access to proceed.

  4. Select a wallet to connect.

  5. Successful connection to Ankr Staking is indicated in the top right corner.

Stake your ETH


BE SURE: to allow sufficient ETH to cover gas fees.

  1. Choose the type of Ankr Liquid Staking tokens you want to receive: aETHb grow in quantity, and aETHc grow in value.

  2. Click the '+' button to stake ETH.

  3. Enter the desired staking amount or use the slider.

  4. Click Get aETHb or Get aETHc respectively.

  5. Your Wallet pops up with details of the transaction. Click 'Confirm' to proceed.

  6. The status of the transaction updates in your wallet.

  7. When staking is finalized, the Staker Dashboard updates to show the Status as 'Confirmed'.


Ankr sends the collectively pooled 32 ETH once it is accumulated to the nodes. Until that happens, you have the option to unstake if desired.

If you don't see your aETHb/aETHc balance

If you don't see the balance in your wallet, do the following:

  1. Visit Ankr Staking Dashboard
  2. Find your staked token, click the three-dot menu, and click Copy token address.
  3. Insert the token address directly into your wallet (e.g. MetaMask).